Emigre January 29

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One step further (into the business field) for Mario Artaza as the former Consul General is named chairman of the new Chilean Chamber of Commerce.

The Chilean business community takes one step further in Hong Kong, so does The Chilean in Hong Kong with the establishment of Chile Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.

Mario Artaza, former Chilean Consul General to Hong Kong, now on leave from the diplomatic corps to lead the the first Chilean bank representative office here, was named chairman of the newly established Chamber.

“[The post is] an honour and a tremendous responsibility, as the team which comprises the Board is very enthusiastic and wants to get to work with a focused and strategic plan. We are working on that with much energy,” Mr Artaza says. “We aim to effectively contribute to a deepening of Hong Kong’s interaction with emerging markets in Latin America, with a distinct emphasis on its only FTA partner, Chile. As China embarks on the Belt and Road Initiative, there is also a need for maritime based economies which have established strong bonds across the Pacific, such as Hong Kong, to play an active role in areas whereupon there are proven comparative advantages, such as in clean energy, sustainable cities, finance, tourism, logistics and transportation, all areas where Chile is also taking strides to move forward a more comprehensive agenda with Asian partners.”

Chilean companies only make up 50% of the Board’s seats, reflecting international  interest in Chile. It hosts companies from a variety of industries, including finance, transportation, seafood and vinery.

“The time is ripe for Chile and for Hong Kong to identify concrete goals for the betterment of its peoples and economies, and the Chamber can add value thanks to the diversity of its members as well as expertise,” Mr Artaza concludes in his remarks.