Harbour Crossings February 5

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NDS for InnoTech Bureau; The Lantau development trade: One green activist for three businessmen.


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ITB ramps up hiring in wake of funding approval

The Government announced the appointment of David Chung Wai-keung (鍾偉強) and Sandra Leung Shuk-bo (梁淑寶) as Undersecretary and Political Assistant, respectively, to the Innovation and Technology Bureau with effect from March 1 and February 11 respectively, more than one month after Nicholas Yang was tagged to lead the new bureau.

Mr Chung is a former colleague of Mr Yang; the two worked together at Cyberport for six years. Mr Chung was the Chief Technology Officer responsible for IT infrastructure, industry collaboration and incubation platforms for IT entrepreneurs. He was also a winner of the “China Top 5 CIO Award” in 2013.

While Chung may be a well-respected figure in the industry, Leung’s name is lesser known even to the likes of IT lawmaker Charles Mok.

Leung is a member of the Our Hong Kong Foundation set up by former CE Tung Chee-hwa and is responsible for the group’s IT-related issues. She also worked for TechTure, a digital agency firm fully owned by a former DAB District Councillor. If this is not enough, a subsidiary company of TechTure was tasked to develop the webpage of Speak Out HK, a pro-establishment online media platform founded by pro-CY Leung think tank Hong Kong United Foundation.


Government announces new term of Lantau Development Advisory Committee

The Government appointed four new members to the Lantau Development Advisory Committee and reappointed 18 incumbent members for a term of two years from February 1, 2016, to January 31, 2018.

The new members are Michael Lau Wai-neng (劉惠寧), Assistant Director (Conservation) of WWF, and three from the business community:

  • Chairman and CEO Kenneth Chu Ting-kin (朱鼎健) of travel and leisure company Mission Hills Group
  • Founder and Chief Product Designer of RADICA Francis Kwok Ching-kwong (郭正光), and
  • Algernon Yau Ying-wah (丘應樺), Managing Director of Cathay Pacific


Three new members join Standing Committee on Company Law Reform

The Government appointed Robert Lee Wai-wang (李惟宏), Natalia Seng Sze Ka-mee (沈施加美) and Cynthia Tang Yuen-shun (鄧宛舜) to the Standing Committee on Company Law Reform.

Mr Lee is the senior vice president of the Grand Finance Group and executive director of Grand Investment International.

Ms Seng is the president of Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries, and Ms Tang is a partner of Baker & McKenzie (HK) as well as a director of Luk Yu Tea House and Restaurant.


New chairman for Construction Industry Council announced

Chan Ka-kui (陳家駒) was named the new chairman of Construction Industry Council for a two-year term from February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2018. Not to be confused with the Jackie Chan Police Story character, this is definitely the construction guy.

Mr Chan joined the construction sector in 1970s. He was appointed chairman of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor Hong Kong branch in 1989, head of the Construction Industry Council Training Academy between 1993 and 2001, and vice-president of the Hong Kong Construction Association from 1989 to 1999. He was awarded the JP title in 1992 and Bronze Bauhinia Star in 1998.

The nine new members are Chan Chi-chiu (陳志超), Chan Pat-kan (陳八根), Ivan Fu Chin-shing (符展成), Mr Kenneth Mo Kon-fei (巫幹輝), Mr Ng Kwok-kwan (吳國群), Mr Pan Shujie (潘樹杰), Dr Philco Wong Nai-keung (黃唯銘), Ms Eliza Wong Yeuk-lan (黃若蘭) and Mr Yu Sai-yen (余世欽).