Émigré March 18

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Ms Isobel O’Connor named Irish Deputy CG to HK & Macau. Ms Chloe Deng joins the Australian Chamber of Commerce.


Irish Deputy CG kicks-off diplomat career overseas in Hong KongIsobel


Ms Isobel O’Connor has recently taken up duty as the new Deputy Consul General in the Consulate General of Ireland to Hong Kong and Macau. She is originally from Dublin and is a graduate of University College Dublin. She joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2014 and this is her first foreign posting. She recently represented Ireland in the Tag Rugby World Cup (see cover photo).



She’ll need her stamina to keep up with the frenetic pace of events being driven by the hard-driving Irish consular agenda.


Former French Chamber staff member takes up new post in Australian ChamberChloe Deng_Austcham
Ms Chloe Deng joined the Australian Chamber of Commerce as Public Affairs and Policy Manager in March 2016. She was Publications Manager at the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong for three years between 2012 and 2015, responsible for the production of the Chamber’s magazine Hong Kong Echo. She studied Journalism for her postgraduate degree in the University of Hong Kong.