Reportage April 29

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Group photo of the Hispanic Cultural Festival on 23 April participated by with the Consulates of Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Venezuela (Credit: Spanish Consulate General)


Diplomats commemorate 400th anniversary of the death of Cervantes

Consul of Mexico (from left), Mr Peter Gordon, and Spanish CG Mr Santiago Martínez-Caro)
Consul of Mexico (from left), Mr Peter Gordon, and Spanish CG Mr Santiago Martínez-Caro)

A series of events was announced by the Spanish Consulate General in Hong Kong in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the death of Cervantes. Events include a competition for the general public to submit poetry in memory of Cervantes with a chance of being published in a book to be premiered at the upcoming Hong Kong Book Fair 2016. School festivals and competitions, with Latin country consulate participation, will complement a musical dedicated to Don Quixote in November. 2016 is certainly Cervantes (and Shakespeare)!


Irish Asian champion comes to town


Alan Dukes, legendary Irish politician and global  financial regulatory advisor spoke this week at the Irish Consulate in his capacity as the co-founder and Chairman of Asia Matters, Ireland’s only Asia focused think tank. Peter Ryan, Ireland’s dynamic Consul General, welcomed him and a business delegation from the Emerald Isle, one of many coming before, after and during the inaugural Irish Festival.

During his visit, Mr Dukes and his companion met with the Irish Funds group, the Technology Working Group of the Irish Chamber of Commerce & the Chairs of the major banking associations in Hong Kong as well as with Andrew Wong, Permanent Secretary of the Financial and Treasury Bureau.