EU Office co-hosts “Tasty Europe 2016”

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The European Union Office of Hong Kong and Macao celebrated the EU day ahead of the actual reception (today!) by co-hosting the event “Tasty Europe 2016” in collaboration with the International Culinary Institute (ICI).

(Photos provided by the European Union Office of Hong Kong and Macao)

On May 3, Chef Vito Chiavacci from the restaurant La Paloma presented and served guests and ICI students with three Spanish dishes, namely Tortilla, Gazpacho and Catalan cream. Eight students then participated in a Tortilla cooking competition. Vincent Piket, Head of the EU Office, and Avelino Busto Cornejo, Acting Consul General of the Spanish Consulate, were among those who had the opportunity to taste the contesting Spanish omelettes first as judges.

The event also marked the launch of the booklet “Tasty Europe 2016”, a collection of 28 recipes from each of the 28 member states of the EU. “From the lowlands to the mountain regions, and from sea shores to inlands, Europe developed different flavours. These differences show the diversity of our cultures and reflect the EU’s motto of “unity in diversity”,” Mr Piket notes in the foreword of the booklet.