Polish Consul General defends 1C,2S, referencing bookseller incident

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By turns playful and profound, Miroslaw Adamcyzck defends Hong Kong’s territorial integrity under One Country, Two Systems, referencing the booksellers incident and catching the CE’s attentive ear.

The Polish Consul General, Miroslaw Adamczyk, led the reception of the 225th anniversary of National Day of the Republic of Poland in celebration of the May 3 Constitution, believed to be the second oldest constitution in force, written and adopted shortly after its American counterpart.

He remembered the oppression of the Communist occupation era when celebration of the Constitution was forbidden. He used Poland’s emergence from that dark era, a seemingly impossible dream, to segue into a defence of a genuine enforcement of One Country, Two Systems and a reference to the booksellers incident.

“The Polish people living here in Hong Kong deeply admire its rule of law which is one of its greatest advantages, as well as civil rights and freedoms of this open society. We sincerely wish and strongly believe that those values will remain unchanged and for many years to come Hong Kong residents will enjoy coming to and leaving this territory by using only, and exclusively, proper checkpoints and immigration channels,” the CG said.

HT was told by guests that the CE’s facial expression was “priceless.”


Life saving

In addition, he had kind words for Hong Kong’s healthcare system and in particular the Hong Kong Adventist. Known by as many as ‘the fittest CG in Hong Kong’, he suffered a massive heart attack last year that derailed the active diplomat and avid runner for some months. However, this did lend to the decision to double the diplomatic complement in Hong Kong and the arrival of Vice Consul Lukasz Maciej Felczak ended his days of being a “one-man Consulate”.

In addition to the normal review of increasing trade ties and cultural exchanges, he was excited by the exposure for Poland arising from the new TV show featuring two LegCo members and regular combatants, Mr.”Long Hair” and President Jasper Tsang taking a holiday trip through wintery Poland.