Spanish Roca’n’Roll: HK to host ‘world’s best restaurant’

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The Spanish Consulate is flying their nation’s gastronomic flag by supporting celebrated El Celler de Can Roca’s arrival in Hong Kong.

Photo: Chef Roca (fourth from right) along side Spanish Acting Consul General Avelino Busto Cornejo (fourth from left) and Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Alfonso Ballesteros (mid).

Chef Joan Roca i Fontané just spent the past few days visiting Hong Kong’s wet markets, street food stalls and a gastronomical school. In three month’s time, he will return with his whole team, including his two brothers, from the Spanish restaurant El Celler de Can Roca as the second stop of a five-city world tour. The other cities are London, Phoenix City of Arizona, San Francisco and Santiago de Chile.

The Spanish Consulate General will be providing support to the tour. “El Celler de Can Roca is one of the best representatives of Spanish culture worldwide. We are glad to have the team here in Hong Kong,” Avelino Busto Cornejo, the Acting Consul General, says.

The world tour, in partnership with the Spanish bank BBVA, started in 2014. Hong Kong will be the second ever Asian city after Istanbul to be braced by the three-Michelin-starred restaurant based in Girona, Catalonia. It was named World’s Best Restaurant by the British magazine Restaurant in 2013 and 2015.

“There was a proposal to set up branches of our restaurant in different cities. But we prefer going around the world and share our experiences instead,” Chef Roca says.

During their visit between August 8 to 13, the Roca brothers will be collaborating with local chefs to bring in their innovative culinary skills that combine their specialities in modern Spanish cuisines with local dishes.

“We are here to learn…to pay homage the local cuisines in places we visited,” Chef Roca says, mentioning dim sum in particular – a perfect match of the Spanish tapas.

The Roca brothers will also select two young local chefs to be back in Girona with them for a four-month training at El Celler de Can Roca under a programme fully-funded by BBVA to promote world culinary talents.

Earlier this month, the Consulate also co-hosted ‘Tasty European 2016’, with Chef Vito Chiavacci from the restaurant La Paloma presenting Tortilla, Gazpacho and Catalan cream.