Reportage: Two Irelands unite

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Ireland and Northern Ireland unite for a tour of China to promote the Emerald Isle’s charms.

(Photo: Peter Ryan (left), Irish CG to Hong Kong (l) with Ambassador Kavanagh (middle) and British CG Wilson (right).)

Ireland may be an island divided, but when it comes to tourism, everyone gets on board.

Caroline Wilson, the British Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, opened her home to Irish Ambassador to Beijing, The Hon. Paul Kavanagh, the Irish Consul General to Hong Kong, Peter Ryan, and a huge delegation of Irish tourism boosters from across the Isle. They were welcomed by British, Irish, local Hong Kong and other friendly business people and media based in Hong Kong.

Amity was the order of the day. The Easter Uprising, wherein the Irish threw off the British Imperial yoke, has been celebrated of late in the wake of the 100 year anniversary. But there is much water under the bridge and the Irish of all stripes can come together to invite the world, and in particular China, to Ireland.

The hospitality was appreciated and Peter Ryan called the green-bedecked Ms Wilson “a friend of Ireland.”

Ambassador Kavanagh highlighted the strong ties between China and the two nations, getting in his digs, noting Ireland was one of only two European countries with a trade surplus with China.


Isobel O’Connor, Deputy CG Ireland, is all smiles with British counterpart Patrick Turner from the British Consulate.


Aaron McNicholas (left), Storyful journalist, with Bryan Harris (right) of Financial Times’ FirstFT.


Guinness Storehouse’s Fiona Herald (left) meets Ambassador Kavanagh…


And Caroline Wilson, British Consul General.


Caroline Wilson, British CG and “friend of Ireland”.


CG Wilson and mission leader Niall Gibbons, Tourism Ireland CEO.


Ambassador Kavanagh receives a pictorial of the Great Wall lit up in green for St. Patrick’s Day.


Ambassador Kavanagh and CG Peter Ryan close out the speeches.