Shanghai Disneyland? Hakuna matata, say HK tourism representatives!

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Tourism representatives are not too worried that the opening of the Shanghai theme park will worsen the state of the local tourism industry.

The world’s sixth Disneyland resort opens in Shanghai today. But, despite prospects for competition with Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland, local tourism representatives, are not that pessimistic about the situation.

Jason Wong Chun-tat (黃進達), Chairman of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, said in a radio programme this morning that Hong Kong Disneyland targets tourists from all parts of the world including locals, mainland Chinese and overseas residents, compared to Shanghai Disneyland which mainly targets mainland Chinese tourists. He encourages tourists to visit both parks to experience their unique styles.

Allen Zeman (盛智文), founder and ex-president of Hong Kong Ocean Park, is optimistic too. Yesterday, he told the media that tourists like to try new things in the beginning, but, due to the expected congestion of Shanghai Disneyland, their passions may die down around six months later, following which they may come back to Hong Kong.

Legco member Yiu Si-wing (姚思榮), who represents Tourism Functional Constituency, took a more nuanced view on another radio programme. He believes that Hong Kong Disneyland should avoid directly competing with Shanghai Disneyland by further tapping the tourism market of Guangdong in China and Southeast Asia, and by keeping the admission prices not too high.