CY: We’ll relay Hongkongers’ concerns over Lam Wing-kee

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The chief executive says it’s time to review the cross-border notification mechanism and will assign officials to take follow-up action.

Photo: Jeni Zhi

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying (梁振英) has vowed to ensure Lam Wing-kee’s (林榮基) personal safety and relay to Beijing Hongkongers’ worries regarding Lam’s assertion that he was abducted by mainland law enforcement agencies.

He also stated that it is time to review the 15-year-old reciprocal notification mechanism between Hong Kong and the mainland, which requires the mainland to notify the local authorities when Hong Kong citizens are detained for contravening mainland laws, to include more frequent  updates.

Speaking for the first time on the incident after returning from a nine-day leave, Leung said the police had contacted the Causeway Bay bookseller immediately after his press conference with Democrat Albert Ho (何俊仁) last week. Leung chaired an interdepartmental meeting on the issue earlier today and reached three decisions, to send a letter to Beijing, review the notification mechanism, and assign officials to the mainland if necessary.

Ho called on Leung to visit Beijing alongside Chief Secretary Carrie Lam (林鄭月娥) and Secretary for Security Lai Tung-kwok (黎棟國) to tackle the issue instead.

When asked whether the Hong Kong police would hand Lam and the Causeway Bay bookstore’s ordering records over to the mainland authorities, Lai stressed that the Hong Kong police would handle requests from their mainland counterparts in accordance with local laws.

As for Lam, he has revealed more information about his detention in response to accusations from his fellow booksellers, the government of Ningbo – where he was detained for five months – and his mainland girlfriend that he lied about his days under lock and key. Lam claimed that he was told by agents of a “central special unit” that Gui Minhai (桂民海) would be sentenced for a traffic accident 12 years ago and for operating an illegal business by late 2016. He also said that the rest of the booksellers  would be released.

A banner reading “we are all Lam Wing-kee” was hung on Beacon Hill by the League of Social Democrats on Monday morning – the third time the radical pan-democratic party has hung similar banners on the hill within a month.