CDNIS headed for trial

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While CDNIS has resolved most of its outstanding Labour Tribunal disputes, it appears one is going to court. Dylan Hughes and the School will face off in January.

Canadian International School (CDNIS) will not settle its outstanding case with former Primary Vice-Principal Dylan Hughes. The case will go to court in October in line with a Wednesday morning Labour Tribunal decision.

Hughes is now the head of Luanda International School in Angola and was unable to return for an August trial, expected to take five days, due to a conflict with the start of the school year.

The former CDNIS teacher was dismissed by the school last year. His claims relate to the nature of his firing, including whether he was terminated while on sick leave, which is forbidden under Section 9 of the Employment Ordinance governing termination.

Deputy Presiding Officer, Jocelyn Leung Siu-ling (梁少玲) asked for documents showing that the board had made a decision to terminate Hughes, as per his contract. No such documents have been produced by the school as of yet. Similar problems arose with regard to the firing of teacher Kathy Nutting last year (more here).

Both Hughes and the school were given additional time to procure witnesses and witness statements. The school will call former Chairman (and Honorary Consul for Tunisia) Richard Wong, Head of School Gregg Maloberti, Director of Business Administration Eunice Tan and Head of Chinese Studies Penny Pan.

Former upper-school principal John Jalsevac is on Mr Hughes list, with the potential addition of former upper-school vice-principal Chris Coates and Kathy Nutting. Mr Hughes noted difficulty arising from the fact that most potential witnesses are now living and working outside of Hong Kong.