Brexit and immigration to Britain, Europe and Canada

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For people considering moving to Britain directly or via Europe, Brexit may change the landscape. Alisha Ma, Halcyon Counsel, answers some questions about the Brexit and immigration.

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Brexit and immigration to Europe and Canada

Alisha Ma of Halcyon Counsel, is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant with over a decade in the business of helping people from around the world make a new home in distant lands. In addition to Canada, she has also helped people to immigrate to other jurisdictions in Europe and the Caribbean. She comments on the impact of the recent Brexit.

3442e95Q: What will Brexit mean for people looking to relocate to Britain?

A: Previously, a number of European immigration programmes were attractive because successful applicants, as EU citizens, would have full rights to live and work in the UK.

For example, Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria, while lovely countries in their own right, were often attractive to those targeting Britain as their future home. Given so much of the Brexit ‘Leave’ vote was driven by fears about immigration, this right to travel to, live and work in Britain could be the first thing to be curtailed. However, much is unknown at this point and we are tracking events closely.

Q: What does this mean for people applying to Britain?

A: The Brexit vote could also produce significant change in the political landscape in Britain. Prime Minister Cameron has already announced his resignation and those ascendent in his party could be less open to immigration. People should apply ASAP.

Another option is to consider other countries. Most of my work is with people moving to Canada. The country still has a very open attitude and a positive message to new immigrants: come!

Other smaller jurisdictions, such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, can also provide attractive citizenship options that give preferential access to the UK and Europe. People interested should call a licensed consultant to find out more.

Q: What makes Canada such a great destination?

A: Canadians enjoy visa-free access to many, many countries around the world. It enjoys friendly relations with Europe and deep historic ties with Britain as its largest and most important ally in the Commonwealth. That will not change with Brexit.

The country itself has a vibrant, multi-cultural population and a strong economy buttressed by a world-class education system and universal healthcare. New immigrants are welcomed and the people understand that immigrants built their country ‘from sea to shining sea’!

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