Bills in Progress, 15 July 2016

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Bills in Progress gives you a quick summary of where various pieces of legislation are in moving to a vote, enactment – or abandonment. Consultations too.

*This will be the last issue of BiP until the LegCo session resumes in September

Bills gazetted

(1st Reading will take or took place at Wednesday Council. Bill Committees not formed yet.)



Passed 1st reading, Adjourned 2nd reading pending discussion


Employment (Amendment) Bill 2016

To amend Parts VIA and IXB of the Employment Ordinance so that, for a dismissal in any of the circumstances mentioned in its section 32A(1)(c), the employer’s agreement is not a pre-requisite for ordering reinstatement or re-engagement, a failure to comply with the order entails an additional liability to pay a further sum and a failure to pay the sum is covered by the offence under its section 43P; and to clarify, and supplement as necessary, provisions on engagement by the employer’s successor or associated company under an order for re-engagement.

Last Meeting: 5th meeting on 7th June

Next Meeting: TBA

Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited (Merger) Bill

To provide for the vesting in Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) Limited of the undertakings of the Hong Kong branch of Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. and for other related purposes.

Last Meeting: 6 July 2016

Next Meeting: TBA


Bills pending resumption of 2nd reading

(Bill Committees have finished scrutinising the bills and members will vote for 2nd reading, the amendments to the Bills and then third reading during the Council meeting.)


Private Columbaria Bill

To establish a licensing regime to regulate private columbaria operation.

Fire Services (Amendment) Bill 2015

To empower the Chief Executive in Council to make regulations for a scheme for fire safety risk assessment, and certification on compliance with fire safety requirements, by registered fire engineers for certain premises and for regulating registered fire. engineers.

Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016

To amend the Medical Registration Ordinance to increase the number of lay persons on the Medical Council of Hong Kong and its committees; to enable the Council to establish more than one Preliminary Investigation Committee; to extend the term of registration of medical practitioners with limited registration; to change the quorum for disciplinary inquiries and increase the number of assessors; to enable solicitor or counsel to be appointed to carry out the Secretary’s duties in respect of inquiries; and to increase the number of legal advisers to the Council.

Consultations underway


Public engagement exercise for Kai Tak Sports Park

Closing date: 19th July

Consultation on Working Hours Policy Directions

Closing date: 24th July

Public Consultation on the Review of the MTR Fare Adjustment Mechanism

Closing date: 19th August

Stage 2 Public Engagement on Wan Chai North and North Point Harbourfront Urban Design Study

Closing date: 20th August


Future planned consultations