Seen and Heard: Ken Chow Wing-kan, Tony Yau Wai-kwong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jack Goldstone

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Our selection of the previous week’s most politically charged and controversial soundbites.

(Photo credit: Cable TV video)

“I will stop my electioneering efforts as I don’t want those supporting me to get into complicated troubled or pay a price.” – Ken Chow Wing-kan (周永勤)

Liberal Party’s Ken Chow Wing-kan, who was running in the LegCo New Territories West election, abruptly announced in a public debate yesterday (25 August) that he would stop his electioneering efforts to protect his supporters. Chow revealed after the debate that he received a tape with a man claiming that he would target Chow and another NTW candidate Cheng Chung-tai (鄭松泰) for ‘solicitor Ho’. Junius Ho Kwan-yiu (何君堯), a pro-Beijing independent candidate and former president of the Law Society, thrashed the rumour that he was behind the plot but later admitted that the man in the tape is one of his campaign volunteers.


“The Chief Executive didn’t say the price of ‘Hong Kong property for Hong Kong people’ has to be affordable.” – Tony Yau Wai-kwong (游偉光)

The first and only ‘Hong Kong property for Hong Kong people’ development project One Kai Tak started selling its apartment flats with a pricing of $15,000 – $18,000 per sq.feet. Many potential buyers complained that the price-range was over their expectations. China Overseas Property general manager Tony Yau Wai-kwong argued that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying (梁振英) had not promised the flats had to be affordable for the general public. Yau also added that if people wanted to purchase cheap flats, they should better look for Home Ownership Scheme flats or private flats in New Territories instead.


“It’s a hip place. So if you want to present something new and different, I think Hong Kong is the place to go.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger (阿諾舒華辛力加)

Hollywood star and former Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Hong Kong on 19 August when attending the opening ceremony of Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival. In an interview with SCMP, Schwarzenegger praised Hong Kong as an excellent location for promoting new and different ideas.


“There is no greater enemy of free trade than zero-sum thinking.” – Jack Goldstone (金世杰)

Jack Goldstone, Director of Institute for Public Policy and Elman Family Professor of Public Policy of the University of Hong Kong for Science and Technology, warned against the realist zero-sum mentality when speaking at a Bright Hong Kong breakfast meeting themed “The Future of Free Trade…and the time to stand for humanity”.


(Photo credit: Bright Hong Kong)