Real princess, real wines: Princess Marie of Liechtenstein in Hong Kong

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The sublimely real Princess Marie came to Hong Kong to present the latest wines from The Princely Winery of Liechtenstein. (Photo credit: LGT)

In Roman Holiday, a stunning Audrey Hepburn erupted onto the global scene as the enchanting Princess Ann. Elegant, graceful and compelling, she stunned the world and won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

H.S.H Princess Marie von und zu Liechtenstein every bit her equal – but she is 100% real.

In Hong Kong last week to promote the very select wines of The Prince of Liechtenstein Winery’s finest vintages, she hosted a private tasting with journalists and later a dinner with clients of the winery. Rumoured to be among those at the dinner included the Austrian Trade Commissioner with Advantage Austria and acting Austrian Consul General Michael Kratzer.

The Winery

While the movie princess is rigid in performing her duties and has a breakdown arising from the pressures of relentlessly promoting the national interest, Princess Marie is relaxed and down to earth. No talking head, she is passionate and knowledgeable about the family business. She enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of talking about the wine, its production and marketing and her personal connection to the wine itself.

Wines hail from both the Princely Family’s vineyards in Austria and Liechtenstein, just under the castle in the capital, Vaduz. The family is famous for eschewing taxpayer funds and living off their proceeds of their very professionally run businesses including the winery and the private bank, LGT. Their continued elevated popularity stems from not only their personal probity, but also their independence of their subjects pocketbooks that affords them independence of action.

While the ultra limited run Liechtenstein wines are almost sold entirely to the citizens of the Principality living close to the 4 hectare winery, the wines from the Austrian vineyards have wider reach into select markets that align with the other interests of the family. Hong Kong is one of the few markets the family chooses to develop a loyal clientele.

Princess Marie returns annually to Hong Kong and relishes her time here. However, don’t look for her to be mixing it up with Gregory Peck like rogues in Lan Kwai Fong – this modern princess is eminently grounded and a sophisticated master of her role as the emissary for Liechtenstein’s oenological contribution to the world.

For more, read this excellent article at Billionaire magazine and Harbour Times’ past profiles of the Principality.

To enquire after the wines, please contact Shelley Lam at Schmidt Vinothek or call her at +852 3650 0612