Reportage 31 October: Bellissima Italia; China-Latin American trade forum

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Bellissima Italia kick-started!

Italian Consul General Antonello De Riu, together with Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, renowned Italian writer Angelo Paratico and Sabrina Ho Chiu-ying, officiated the launch of the second ever Bellissima Italia on 27 October. The festival, second of its kind in Hong Kong, will last until late November with events going beyond Italian opera and wine. The Chief Secretary hosted at the CS official residence on Barker Road and attending dignitaries included Peter Mathieson, Vice Chancellor and President of HKU, Florence Hui, Undersecretary for Home Affairs, Galarie Koo impresario Cecilia Koo and famous Italian photographer Enrico Gili. Deputy Editor in Chief of Spirito diVino, Jean-Charles Viens was there to judge the wine. The Master of Ceremonies was the dashing Manuele Bosetti, who has recently left the top post at The Italian Chamber to join ProPosition Management Search.

Former Chilean diplomat promotes China-Latino trade