Bringing entrepreneurship to innovation: Bright Hong Kong

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The definition of leadership has changed and Hong Kong’s education system must adapt.

(Photo credit: Bright Hong Kong)

With innovations, comes new models of doing business, but it takes more than simply having the right innovative tools to start a successful entrepreneurship. In order to respond to a new year full of hopes and uncertainties, Bright Hong Kong kick-started 2017 last week with a discussion on “Hope as a By-product of Innovation” to explore the underlying mindsets needed to meet new challenges and opportunities.

Leading the discussion was Professor Wu Po Chi (吳葆之), a Board Director at EFN and a lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology who mentors aspiring entrepreneurship. He is also vice-chairman of Invotech, a Hong Kong-based ‘do-tank’ and champion for the development of innovation and technology.

The fact that 95% of attempts to innovate in business fail draws attention to the importance of leadership. For Professor Wu, an aspiring leader should seek opportunities, take initiatives, be accountable, walk the walk and, more importantly, know how he or she can contribute to a larger team. Promoting problem-based and team-based learning in Hong Kong’s education system, therefore, is most essential in nurturing talents in the next generation.

Professor Wu added that people will have to reinvent and reestablish the trust in the institutions created by the older generation amid rising risk factors especially in Asia. “After all, Innovation is born out of trust,” he asserted.

The meeting was hosted by Germán Muñoz, Founder & Director of Bright Hong Kong and was attended by:

  • Annemieke Ruigrok, Consul General of the Netherlands;
  • Sari Arho Havrén, Consul of Innovation at the Consulate General of Finland;
  • Prof John Burns, Dean of Social Sciences Faculty, University of Hong Kong;
  • Estelle Youssouffa, international broadcaster;
  • Vivian Taam Wong, Hon Professor in SCM, Medical Faculty at The University of Hong Kong and Chairman at Friends of Earth;
  • Gregg “Dr. G” Li, Chairman and Co-founder of Invotech Hong Kong Limited;
  • Laurel West, Asia Editorial Director, Thought Leadership, The Economist Group;
  • Kathleen Ferrier, former member of the Dutch Parliament and Human Rights expert;
  • Andrew Work, Editor-in-Chief of Harbour Times and founder of The Lion Rock Institute;
  • Alicia García-Herrero, Senior Fellow at Bruegel and Chief Economist at NATIXIS;
  • Naubahar Sharif, SCMP contributor and Associate Professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology;
  • Maria Tsolaki, Financial Forensics Investigator;
  • Renu Bathia, Managing Director of SuperCharger.