I Love Art Gallery showcases Russian contemporary art in Hong Kong

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“Art – to the masses”: Russian art gallery aims to bring art to the public, and access to all.

Photo: Lead art-manager of I Love Art Gallery, Anna Sashina, stands with two art buyers at the Affordable Art Fair (Credit: I Love Art Gallery).

I Love Art Gallery from St. Petersburg, Russia was one of the many participating galleries who presented their artworks at the Affordable Art Fair, which took place from 19-21 May at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). This gallery featured many world-famous contemporary Russian artists, such as Boris Koshelokhov, Anna Krasnaya, and Alla Davydova.

Ekaterina Bogucharskaya (seen on the left of the first photo below), Vice-Consul of the Consul General of Russia to Hong Kong, paid a visit to their booth on 20 May.

I Love Art Gallery is a club of contemporary art enthusiasts who strive to make art not just confined to the galleries, but accessible to everyone in the public sphere. Their goal is to make public spaces places of art and culture available to all, not just for the the privileged. This philosophy is what inspired its manifesto: “Art – to the masses”.

They focus on shining a spotlight on the works of Russian contemporary artists, not only to the people in Russia, but also around the world. Art shows such as the Affordable Art Fair provide excellent opportunities for galleries including I Love Art Gallery to showcase their pieces to large audiences, allowing contemporary Russian art to catch the attention of those from Hong Kong and beyond.

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