Reportage: Peruvian National Day 2017

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Peru celebrated its 196th anniversary of the independence of Peru at Club Lusitano.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Lee

The 27 July marked the 196th anniversary of the independence of Peru, which was celebrated with a reception held at Club Lusitano in Hong Kong. Representing Peru was Consul General Sergio Manuel Avila Traverso, who briefly presented a speech to the audience followed by Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew Cheung Kin-chung.

CG Traverso spoke of Peru’s recent achievements, including the fourth place position it took for “natural resources” on the World Economic Forum’s 2017 “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report”. Peru has also been marked as one of South America’s fast-developing economies, according to the World Bank, averaging at a growth rate of 5.9% over the past decade. He also commented about the Belt and Road Forum, saying that he “sees promise” in this “ambitious” undertaking, hoping that Peru will provide the perfect place to connect Asia to South America.

Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung added to Traverso’s comments on the Belt and Road initiative, saying that it will encourage the cultural and economic cooperation between communities as both nations continue to grow with their infrastructural projects. He was also happy to note that 10% of Peru’s population, about 3 million people, are of Chinese descent: “This interesting fact underlines the unique bond between Peru and China, of which Hong Kong is an inseparable part.”