Reportage: EU envoy leads beach cleaning campaign in Hong Kong

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Some 900 kg of waste were removed from Rocky Bay Beach by over 100 volunteers and diplomats.

(Photo credits: European Union Office to Hong Kong and Macao)

Over 100 volunteers and diplomats participated in a beach cleaning campaign in Shek O Rocky Bay Beach on Saturday (23 September) to show their commitment in promoting environmentally responsible behaviour in Hong Kong.

The beach cleaning was part of the European Union’s campaign to raise awareness about marine litter.

Ambassador Carmen Cano, Head of the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao, said: “Marine pollution is a global problem. Our oceans are dying and we all need to do our share before it is too late. As a global actor, the EU is committed to fight pollution. The EU and Hong kong can work together to raise awareness and promote environmentally responsible behaviour.”

Participants included Consuls General of the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, France, Romania, and the United States, as well as representatives from the Consulates General of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Greece, and Mexico.

Daisy Lo, Assistant Director of the Environmental Protection Department, also attended the event alongside local NGOs including Aquameridian Conservation & Education Foundation, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Sous les Déchets la Plage, and The First Penguins.

Before (top) and after (bottom): About 900 kg of waste were removed.

Anna Romagnoli, General Manager of the Italian Chamber of Commerce which took the beach cleaning as its annual environmental activity, added: “The Italian Chamber of Commerce is part of the community and no matter where pollution comes from, we must all do our share to keep our beaches and environment clean, for our children and ourselves.”

Under the cleaning efforts of volunteers, some 900 kg of waste and polluting materials were removed from the Rocky Bay Beach and adjacent shorelines.