Hong Kong innovation forum to feature former US vice-president Al Gore

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The 2007 Nobel Laureate will be Chief Guest of Honour at the Innovation and Breakthrough Forum 2017 to be held next month.

Iconic Amercian politician and environmentalist Al Gore will be in town next month to attend the Innovation and Breakthrough Forum 2017.

The Innovation and Breakthrough Forum 2017, organised by Co-operatives of Innovative Intellectuals, will have the former US vice-president and Nobel Peace Laureate as Chief Guest of Honour with a theme: “Investment: from growth to sustainability“.

Gore is also Board Director of Apple and Senior Partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Among other guests of honour and speakers invited by the organisers are Undersecretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bernard Chan and Cyberport Management Company chairman Lee G Lam.