Harbour Crossings October 13

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No drama in new LegCo panel posts

The pan-democrats took 6 chairman posts and 11 vice-chairman posts in 18 LegCo panels and committees in after rather smooth and compromised voting procedure compared to the hostility seen in the previous terms. The pro-establishment camp claimed both chairmanship and vice-chairmanship in three panels, namely the Panel on Constitutional Affairs, the Panel on Development and the Panel on Home Affairs.

Below is the full list (chairman; vice-chairman):

Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services

Priscilla Leung*; Dennis Kwok

Panel on Commerce and Industry

Wu Chi-wai; Shiu Ka-fai*

Panel on Constitutional Affairs

Martin Liao*; Holden Chow*

Panel on Development

Tommy Cheung*; Kenneth Lau*

Panel on Economic Development

Jeffrey Lam*; Alvin Yeung

Panel on Education

Ann Chiang*; Ip Kin-yuen

Panel on Environmental Affairs

Tanya Chan; Junius Ho*

Panel on Financial Affairs

Kenneth Leung; Christopher Cheung*

Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene

Stephen Ho*; Kwok Ka-ki

Panel on Health Services

Joseph Lee; Pierre Chan

Panel on Home Affairs

Ma Fung-kwok*; Eunice Yung*

Panel on Housing

Alice Mak*; Andrew Wan

Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting

Charles Mok; Elizabeth Quat*

Panel on Manpower

Kwok Wai-keung*; Fernando Cheung

Panel on Public Service

Poon Siu-ping*; Jeremy Tam

Panel on Security

Gary Chan*; James To

Panel on Transport

Frankie Yick*; Lam Cheuk-ting

Panel on Welfare Services

Shiu Ka-chun; Kwong Chun-yu

* Pro-establishment camp


Appointments to Energy Advisory Committee

The Government has announced the appointment of Jimmy Kwok Chun-wah and Professor Fung Tung as the Chairman and Member of the Energy Advisory Committee from 13 October, 2017 to 14 July, 2018.

Kwok has been serving as a Member of the Committee since 2012 and Professor Fung is a renowned academic in his field, and has been actively involved in climate change and environment-related matters.


Government appoints new Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services

The Government has announced that Alfred Sit Wing-hang, Deputy Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, will take up the post of Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services on 13 October, 2017.

Sit joined the Government as Assistant Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in September 1984 and was promoted to Chief Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in August 2001, to Government Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in December 2007, and to Deputy Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services in September 2011.


HSBC names retail head John Flint as next chief executive

John Flint, currently head of HSBC’s retail and wealth management business, has been appointed as the multinational bank’s chief executive and will start in his new role on 21 February, 2018.