Austrian motor giant brings waves of goodwill to Hong Kong

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Steyr Motors, an Austria-based company known for its parallel hybrid engine drive systems for boats, has presented the Hong Kong Maritime Museum with a fast rescue craft as well as a lifeboat to highlight the ever-growing ties between Hong Kong and Austria.

The rescue craft, powered by Steyr Motors’ hybrid engine, will form part of a new display focused on the theme “Safety at Sea” that will take place in the coming months.

“May this [donation] brings a lot of people joy in terms of enriching their knowledge about marine engines and about safety at sea,” said Michael Brandl, Head of Global Sales and Marketing of Steyr Motors during a reception held last Wednesday at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum in Central. “It’s really an honour for us to be part of this wonderful story.”

Kicking off the reception was musical performances in both English and German, put together by the Vienna Boys Choir Music Academy Hong Kong. Monika Mueller-Fembeck, the new Austrian Consul General to Hong Kong, Franz Roessler, Head of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong, and Richard Wesley, Museum Director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum were among the keynote speakers officiating the event.


“The generous donation of Steyr Motors to the Marine Museum creates a kind of private-public partnership, and it’s my wish that there are more of these initiatives … to strengthen the ties between our two economies,” said Mueller-Fembeck.

Steyr Motors also participated in the Fragrant Harbour Maritime Festival last May, which attracted 25 exhibitors and some 3,000 visitors.