Anson Chan prophesises that Carrie Lam “lost all will to govern”, suggests Canadian government to enforce sanctions

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Former Chief Secretary shares prophetic words regarding current Chief Executive and she lends advice to Canada, urging its government to impose sanctions for violations to human rights abusers in HK.

Photo Credit: 香港2020提特首參選人十問 02 by 美國之音湯惠芸攝 on Wikimedia Commons.

Former HK Chief Secretary Anson Chan foresaw a very different future for the city prior to its 1997 handover to China, but it seems things have not gone to plan. And she has a direct message for Canada.

As huge stakeholders in Hong Kong, Chan suggests that the Canadian government should follow in the US’ footsteps by implementing a special bill that would “impose sanctions on individuals that breach ‘one country, two systems’ and fundamental rights and freedoms.”

Ms Chan recently became a Distinguished Fellow of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, an influential think tank in Ottawa, to “support the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s ongoing thought leadership on Canada’s responsibility towards Hong Kong.” She traveled to the United States and met with American law makers earlier this year.

In an interview broadcast on CBC News: The National, she states, “The China that negotiated the joint declaration in 1984 is a very different China from today. We were never asked to love or embrace the communist party – that wasn’t part of the deal.”

She also speaks on Carrie Lam and pinpoints her weakness for not
being a team player and does not “encourage people around her to speak truth unto power” – a fatal flaw.

In light of Reuter’s release of a leaked audio recording in which Carrie Lam said she’d quit if given the choice, Chan’s following suspicion rings true: “I have the impression that she’s lost all will to govern.”

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