ACU launches a gold token based on blockchain technology

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 30 March 2021 – In order to meet the needs of digital society for convenient and efficient gold trading, ACU Digital Limited recently launched ACUG token, combining traditional gold trading with blockchain. ACUG has an asset investment method which is anchored by physical gold and realized by blockchain technology. According to the recently released “Research Report on Current Situation Analysis and Investment Strategy of China’s Gold Trial Production from 2020 to 2026”, China’s gold investment market has obviously recovered. This trend may help ACUG token to quickly occupy the market and become the connecting hub of the gold market.

Compared with traditional gold and cryptocurrency investment, ACUG has the following advantages:

1. 1ACUG and 1 ounce of gold are exchanged 1:1. Compared with cryptocurrencies, there are no risks such as spamming and watered-down by issuers. Gold is a universal asset, and the international gold investment market is transparent and fair. Without market maker, it has a global market with huge transaction volume. Its market is standardized, self-disciplined, laws and regulations are sound, and all investors are equal.

2. Gold is a two-way trade. Therefore, investors can not only go long in the unilaterally rising market, but also go short in the unilaterally falling market. Even, as long as the judgment is accurate, taking different operation methods in different markets can make profits. ACUG, which has realized digital gold trading, can make full use of the feature that gold can be traded globally without stopping the market. Investors seize every value band at the lowest cost.

3. Compared with traditional gold trading, ACUG has a shorter settlement time, which provides a good opportunity for investors to conduct cumulative trading on the same day, thus improving the utilization rate of funds and increasing the possibility of return on investment. It avoids the inconvenience of lack of liquidity caused by too long transaction freezing time in the process of asset allocation. In terms of cross-border transactions, it also circumvents the global asset allocation obstacles such as foreign exchange restrictions.

ACUG is highlighting its own value in the turbulent global environment with a more stable, reliable and convenient gold token.

The first batch of 100,000 ACUG launched on March 22nd has been snapped up within one hour. It can be seen that investors are optimistic about ACUG.