uCloudlink Opens Up a World of Possibilities with Hyper-Connectivity Concept

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HONG KONG, April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. ("uCloudlink") (NASDAQ: UCL), the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, would redefine the data connectivity user experience with its innovative Hyper-Connectivity solution via cloud SIM technology through PaaS and SaaS platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across the globe. Demand for reliable high-quality network connectivity has surged as more people depend on data services to work, learn and stay in touch with loved ones. At the same time, the world is becoming hyperconnected, shaped by technological breakthroughs in computing resources virtualization, 5G networks and the IoT. More than 4 billion people worldwide are accessing the internet; and 5 billion have a mobile phone.

Yet despite advancements in mobile speeds, the pain points of network connectivity have remained unchanged. It is not enough to just construct hardware of network because network coverage requires time, resources and investment. Uneven coverage, inconsistent signal strength, unreliable network speeds and regular disconnections continue to plague users— and a truly sustainable hyperconnected world cannot exist without addressing such related concerns. With the cloud SIM technology through its PaaS and SaaS platform, uCloudlink’s innovative Hyper-Connectivity solution would redefine the mobile network user experience.

uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity solution was built with the understanding that speed is not the only parameter to good user experience. Even with a fast data connection, factors such as distortion, interruptions, delay, the location of routers and the use of different applications can create disparate experiences — even when two users are on the same network. Its concept focuses on two targets, information security and reliable connectivity, with three methods and five crosses to carve out a truly hyperconnected world.

uCloudlink’s Hyper-Connectivity would aim to cross physical media, SIM form factors, operators, countries, and network layers, enabling users to freely connect to better network anytime, anywhere in any country. The core algorithm uses a three-step method to identify the key applications of users, such as games, meetings, online learning or remote work; monitor their experience at all levels; and optimize data connectivity accordingly. Using this approach, any user can get the exact connection that meets their needs and enjoy the better end-to-end experience possible. Hyper-connectivity would make "navigation + electronic toll pass" through various networks a reality, which greatly improves network efficiency, so that network coverage, speed and low latency meet users’ requirement in various scenarios which elevates data connectivity user experience.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between an operator, who provides the superior data connection, and the user, who supports the provider to continue its services, uCloudlink is also building a global ecosystem for the hyperconnected world. The company advocates for cooperation between carriers to improve outcomes for both enterprises and end-users.

In November 2020, uCloudlink and Shenzhen Unicom teamed up to improve network quality and deliver an optimized user experience by leveraging uCloudlink’s patented PaaS and SaaS platform. Refined over the past years, uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platform will facilitate users to enjoy secure, speedy and stable mobile data services from any country, operator and network.

Through its asset-light approach to expansion and continued R&D efforts, uCloudlink has cultivated a global ecosystem and revolutionized the mobile data connection experience for users worldwide. With the advent of the 5G era, uCloudlink would be expected for high growth potential with its industry-leading technology, collaborative approach and flexible cooperation models.


uCloudlink is the world’s first and leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, pioneering the sharing economy business model for the telecommunications industry. The Company’s products and services deliver unique value propositions to mobile data users, handset and smart-hardware companies, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and mobile network operators (MNOs). Leveraging its innovative cloud SIM technology and architecture, the Company has redefined the mobile data connectivity experience by allowing users to gain access to mobile data traffic allowance shared by network operators on its marketplace, while providing reliable connectivity, high speeds and competitive pricing.

Carina Cheung