MONOPOLY DREAMS(TM) Hong Kong Announces Winning Merit Award in Hong Kong Licensing Awards’ Best Licensee Awards Category

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HONG KONG, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MONOPOLY DREAMS  Hong Kong is pleased to announce that it has won Merit Award in Hong Kong Licensing Awards’ "Best Licensee Award" category. The Judging Committee commended MONOPOLY DREAMS‘ innovative creativity, adeptly leveraging the classic elements of Monopoly, with emphasis on interactive experience to highlight tourist spots suiting all ages. MONOPOLY DREAMS Hong Kong had soon flourished as a "must visit" destination for local and foreign visitors soon since its inauguration on 26 Oct 2019. However, together with Hongkongers, MONOPOLY DREAMS has been going through hard times since its opening. Its staff force has been striving the best to provide best service with the cleanest environment. Winning the Award is especially meaningful as this is an industry-wide recognition to MONOPOLY DREAMS‘ work, signifying difficulties to pass away, and that good times will follow! 

Mr Monopoly resides in his Mansion at the Victoria Peak Hong Kong
Mr Monopoly resides in his Mansion at the Victoria Peak Hong Kong


Interactive games with sumptuous prizes
Interactive games with sumptuous prizes

Adopting the "Highest Standard" to welcome visitors from all over the world

To combat the epidemic that may still be in town, the team of staff is deploying the "Highest Standard" safety precautions to minimize the risks of virus infection. Measures include a high-tech nanometer level microbial-contact-killing technology as the venue’s 24-hour interior and exterior sterilization solution; stringent social distancing and crowd (visitor flow) control to reduce risks of close physical contacts; cleaning and sterilization procedures for specific games. Visitors are required to give their health declarations, reporting on individual health status. Also, staff members are observing rigid cleaning and disinfection procedures to ensure visitors’ satisfaction and peace of mind.

Holographic Projection and 4DX Somatosensory Technology To Perfectly Present Monopoly Board Game’s Major Elements

MONOPOLY DREAMS Hong Kong – the world’s first Monopoly-themed Pavilion is equipped with AR, hologram and 4DX Somatosensory technology to vividly present visitors with Monopoly’s major elements like Bank, Title Deed cards, Tokens, Water Works, Electric Company, Chance cards, etc. In addition, numerous check points with classic Monopoly elements and selfie spots with main characters have also been reserved. Entering the venue, visitors are bought to board Mr. Monopoly’s dedicated lift immediately to visit his Mansion, in which visitors can admire his precious collections from all over the world. Leaving his Mansion, there is a secretive "Pass Go" tunnel, which can lead the visitors to enter and amaze at a Full-Size Monopoly Game Board-themes Monopoly Town.

Signature recommendation comes with the Train Station 4DX Cinema that enables visitors to pamper in exciting battles between Mr. Monopoly and the Diamond Thief. There are many special effects such as trembling, shaking, light, smell, mist, wind and air current effects for visitors to experience while enjoying the movie. Upon entering the Ultimate Bank, visitors will be overwhelmed by storms of Monopoly Money Notes! Grabbing as much Money as they can as souvenirs in limited time! These Money Notes can also be used to redeem snacks or gifts at Monopoly shops.

Private parties and corporate events are welcomed. Call our marketing team and tell them what you want, and they will do the rest to bring to you your very own "Monopoly Dreams".

For details of Theme Pavilion and ticketing channels, please visit MONOPOLY DREAMS Hong Kong’s official website: 

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