A1 Workman Provides All-around Services To Solve Various Problems With Air Conditioners

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 April 2021 – As hot summer is coming, the sales of air conditioners are fast-growing as well as the demand for cleaning and repairing service of air conditioners. Based on past experience, insufficient cooling and loud noise are the most common problems of air conditioners. Therefore, A1 Workman launched all-around services including cleaning, maintenance, online purchasing, and installation of air conditioners to solve different kinds of problems when using air conditioners.

Regular detection and maintenance become vital as air conditioner problems appear more often in hot summer

In boiling hot weather in summer, air conditioners become a necessity for the people in Hong Kong. However, many people have just realized the air conditioners are not cool enough at this time but they do not know what the problem is and whether they need to buy a new one or not.

In fact, it may not be the quality issues when the air conditioner is not cool enough, it may just be that the filters of the air conditioner have covered too much dirt. The CEO of A1 Workman said: “Insufficient cooling is one of the most common problems when using air conditioners. When the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, there will be a lot of dust accumulates inside the machine, the dust blocks the airflow, affects cooling and heating, and makes the energy consumption increased. In addition, the dust and bacteria accumulated in air conditioners will make the machine blows harmful air, which causes health problems such as allergies, asthma, and air-conditioning disease. Other problems with the machines such as low refrigerant, severe machine aging, and component failure also occur during use, and it needs to identify whether the machine is damaged or not.”

In addition, he pointed out that most air conditioner problems are not serious, and they can be solved by detection, cleaning, or repairing. Therefore, he believes that it is important to check and clean the air conditioner regularly. In order to avoid too much maintenance, A1 Workman launched “eight major processes” for all-around cleaning of air conditioners, which includes more than 16 strict standards, the thorough cleaning of the air conditioner will bring the desired results of removing germs and mites, enhancing refrigeration, and saving energy. Moreover, the service can keep air conditioners in their best condition for a long time.

The online shop of A1 Workman provides installation services all in one station

In recent years, many people demand new energy-saving air conditioners. The data from i-Buzz VOC+ Research showed that the energy efficiency of air conditioners is the most valued, and air conditioners with first-class energy efficiency have become the first choice of netizens. However, consumers also hate products with awful smells or noise. It reflects that consumers want products which is efficient in energy saving as well as improving the quality of life.

What’s more, the functions of air conditioners are also valued by consumers. Some consumers said that they want to buy air conditioners that are able to adjust the temperature automatically, “When the air conditioner is on, we feel cold, but when it is turned off, we feel uncomfortably hot. We are worried that our children will catch a cold when they sleep under the air conditioner, so we have to get up from bed from time to time to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner.” In addition, the CEO of A1 Workman said that consumers demand more functions of air conditioners, and functions such as air purification, automatic cleaning, and intelligent temperature adjustment are also loved by many consumers.

Thus, in order to meet consumers’ demands for a quality life, A1 Workman has set up an online mall that provides superior quality home appliances from the globe, and carefully selects air-conditioning products with high quality and high energy efficiency, products with useful functions, and cost-effective products, to meet the needs of different families. In addition, the online mall also provides door-to-door delivery and installation services, as well as replacement and installation services for consumers who need a new air conditioner, the installation can be done at one go so it helps consumers to spare time and effort.


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