AGNEI Iberico Conquers Hong Kong Palates During Spanish Luxury Lamb Promotion

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HONG KONG, May 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Spanish Interprofessional Sheep and Goat Meat Organization, is pleased to announce the great success in our inaugural promotion campaign "Luxury Lamb & Mutton. More than luxury meat" in Hong Kong, from 8th until the 22nd April 2021.


During this event, the four City Super gourmet supermarkets in Hong Kong have promoted Agnei Iberico with tastings to their clientele. Customers were able to purchase a selection of cuts of Agnei Iberico at the meat counters, and sales have increased during the promotion period.

Six prominent restaurants were also involved in this culinary promotion offering exquisite dishes made with Agnei Iberico, one of the best-known Spanish lamb. Agnei Iberico is a top-quality lamb, that comes from an ancient animal breed, native to the region of Aragón at the south of the Pyrenees, where it grows without stress in a relaxed environment to enhance their innate qualities.

After the promotion period, the participating restaurants will continue to showcase dishes prepared with Agnei Iberico. These dishes can be tasted at Casa Pennington, La Paloma by El Willy, Monsoon, Pica Pica, Popinjays (at The Murray Hotel) and Nathan House.

"Agnei Iberico, the Spanish lamb we are using has a flavour and aroma that are not as intense, but the amount of fat it has, when you put it in your mouth, it is really something special," said Mr Alex Fargas, Executive Chef and Owner of La Paloma.

"Hong Kong market usually welcomes and takes very well unique special produces. Spanish lamb is definitely one of those, with its incredible flavour, and very special texture due to its high levels of omega three. I’m confident that HK market, always on the hunt for the very best, is a great stage for this special lamb to shine," said Mr. Edgar Sanuy, Culinary Director of Epicurean Management Limited.

In addition, to publicise this initiative, a powerful digital advertising and outdoor campaign was launched in which Hong Kong’s leading opinion leaders and influencers have tasted and posted about the uniqueness of Spanish lamb.


Spain is the leader in Europe in the production of sheep meat that currently exports to more than 70 countries. The Spanish sheep sector is committed to the search for the highest quality, always under the standards of the European Production Model, recognized for being the strictest in the world in terms of quality and food safety.

Spain has a privileged geographical location, a Mediterranean climate and a unique production system in the world, based on the use of pasture by breeding ewes and feeding lambs mainly with grain.

Spanish lamb stands out for its characteristic flavour, for its wide range of differential cuts and also for its nutritional properties. Mainly for its high content of proteins, vitamins B6 and B12 and being a source of potassium, niacin, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. In addition, by providing an adequate quantity and quality, never excessive.

The promotional program "Luxury Lamb & Mutton. More than luxury meat", coordinated by INTEROVIC since 2018, takes place in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Israel. In addition, it has the participation of several brands from the Spanish sheep sector such as Pastores Grupo Cooperativo, Agnei Ibérico, Murgaca, Emeat, Moralejo Selection and Spanish Lamb.