Experience a Special Loving Mother’s Day with JMC Wild Forest and Watoto

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 5 May 2021 – Local health food brand JMC Wild Forest collaborates with African childcare ministry organization Watoto, hoping to awaken the public’s attention to vulnerable women and orphans in Africa.

Jannie, the founder of JMC, hopes to awaken more people to care about the needs of disadvantaged women and children in Africa through the collaboration with Watoto.

JMC Wild Forest is a local shop in Hong Kong that offers delicious healthy and natural foods from Europe. The initial idea for Jannie to start JMC is originated from her experiences in sharing natural food from Europe with her family and friends. JMC Wild Forest travels to Europe and searches for products, bringing before Hong Kong and Macau people quality and reasonably priced natural products from Europe.

In addition to carefully operating a small store, JMC also pays great attention to social responsibility. Following the Christmas “Share the Joy · Love Donation” event in December 2020, part of the revenue during the event period has been donated to children from local grass-roots families to make their wishes come true. This year, JMC contributes their Hédène honey to join with Watoto to launch a Mother’s Day Gift Set, hoping to take this meaningful event to awaken more people to care about the needs of disadvantaged women and orphans in Africa and learn about Watoto’s ministry!

Caring for those in need

JMC Wild Forest has always dedicate their efforts to take care of customers, and they also understand that it should give back to the society.

Jannie, the founder of JMC, learned about the situation in Uganda from a friend and sighed with sadness. She hopes to make a contribution within her ability for the needy women and children in Uganda.

“Uganda is not a country that has attracted the attention of Hong Kong people. We may know that Uganda is a poor country, but we seldom know much about their real situation. Learning about Watoto’s different campaigns in Uganda, including Watoto Children’s Village, Neighbourhood Project, Sustainability Project, etc. to help thousands of women and children who have suffered from injustice, I am deeply moved,” shared Jannie.

Every year in the past, Watoto Children’s Choir would come to Hong Kong to perform, so that friends who did not know about Watoto could learn about Watoto’s ministry in Africa. Unfortunately, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Choir was not able to visit. Therefore, on Mother’s Day this year, JMC is glad to launch a Mother’s Day Gift Set with Watoto, hoping to awaken everyone’s attention vulnerable African women and children. For every set sold in this event, JMC will donate a large part to Watoto for multiple purposes.

Uganda in Brief

Uganda is a landlocked country located in eastern Africa[1]. Here, there are countless single-parent women. Most of them have unfortunately contracted AIDS, were abandoned by their husbands, and were unable to raise their children due to severe financial burdens. [2] Most mothers are under 30 and have more than 3 children. Many children died of illness or hunger on the streets without being cared for.

Gender equality is not easy in Uganda. Women lack education and functional training, and often use temporary jobs to support their families. However, once they become pregnant, many men may not be able to take responsibility and just leave. Single mothers have to bear all the responsibilities of supporting the family. Even, we women regard it as a monthly affair, which is embarrassing for women in Africa. Many women cannot afford the monthly sanitary napkins, and can only sit on the sand during menstruation, secretly burying blood stains. [4]

Changing the lives of vulnerable women and orphans

Jannie, the founder of JMC, hopes to awaken more people to care about the needs of disadvantaged women and children in Africa through the cooperation with Watoto.

Watoto is committed to providing children in need to live in a safe and warm home, and to provide comprehensive care for these vulnerable orphans. They can enter the Watoto Children’s Village when they are about two years old and live with seven other brothers and sisters. Watoto also allows them to go to school and receive quality education. There are also clinics in the village to provide medical services.

The most marginalised and wounded people in Africa are women. Left abandoned or widowed, many victims of sex trafficking and HIV+, they are destitute fearing that their children will soon join the ranks of Africa’s countless orphans.

Through Watoto Neighbourhood, women who bear the brunt of these horrific injustices are supported with housing, healthcare support, employment and education for their children. As Watoto embrace them by meeting their essential needs and empower them to take care of their own families, the whole community is transforming as well.


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About JMC Wild Forest

JMC’s brand vision is brand vision is to lead a natural life. They strictly select each brand and product. What they choose and sell is the food we eat with someone they love every day. Their product requirements are 100% natural, no artificial additives such as colouring, preservatives or antibiotics, non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and made of wild or naturally and sustainably grown food.

At JMC Wild Forest, customers can find the Finnish berry powder from Arctic Power Berries, such as blackcurrant powder, blueberry powder, sea buckthorn powder, etc.; Poikain Parhaat’s freeze-dried berries with no additives from Finland; the symbol of French taste and gourmet – French Grand Cru Honey by Hédène that appears to great chefs in gastronomy including but not limited to: acacia honey from Burgundy, lavender honey from Luberon in Provence, rosemary honey from Languedoc in South France, etc.; and also a series of Gluten-free ingredients!

More about JMC Wild Forest: https://www.jmcwildforest.com


About Watoto

Watoto is an holistic care programme that was initiated as a response to the overwhelming number of orphaned Children and vulnerable women in Uganda. It is positioned to rescue an individual, raise each one as a leader in their chosen sphere of life so that they in turn will rebuild their nation.

More about Watoto Asia: https://www.watoto.asia