Hong Kong Heritage Pork Introduces Danish Pig Production Methods to Hong Kong

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HONG KONG, May 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With one of the highest meat consumptions per capita in the world, Hong Kong’s average pork and beef consumption tallies at four times higher than the UK, according to research done by The University of Hong Kong. Most of Hong Kong’s pork comes from global imports, with only 43 local pig farms. One man at the forefront of the local pork industry is John Lau Hon Kit, the managing director of Hong Kong Heritage Pork.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork
Hong Kong Heritage Pork

As one of the few branded pig farms in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Heritage Pork is the first to adopt cutting-edge livestock equipment, feed formulas and breeding management from Denmark, one of the world’s largest pig meat exporters and leaders in sustainable pig production.

According to the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, pig meat accounts for almost half of all of Denmark’s agricultural exports, with Denmark’s pig industry producing approximately 28 million pigs a year. Exported to over 140 countries, including Germany, UK, China, and Poland, danish meat producers are known for their efficient pig production techniques that maintain stringent quality standards of food safety, animal welfare, and breeding.

Bringing Danish pig production methods to Hong Kong, John Lau Hon Kit utilises industry-leading techniques to raise the pigs in clean, sustainable, and data-driven methods – including EU certified pig feed formulas, fully-automated feed machines, and multi-site breeding.

With his motto of "You are what you eat, best feeds make the best meat" – the answer is simple: to ensure high-quality meat, John Lau Hon Kit uses carefully selected premium grade US corn and soybeans for the pigs.

Made with filtered mountain water from Kai Kung Leng, the exclusive pig feed formula is tailored to suit different nutritional requirements for pigs raised in the sub-tropical Hong Kong climate. Maintained by automated controls, the feed is systematically mixed and dispensed in optimised ratios to ensure that the pigs get to eat precise portions of high-quality feed every time, contributing to sustainable and optimised feed conversion.

"Asides from our special pig feed, the environment is a key factor in raising healthy and delicious pigs", says John Lau Hon Kit. Hong Kong Heritage Pork is the only farm in HK to use Danish multi-site breeding and production scheduling methods ­– helping to reduce the spread of infectious disease, improve environmental control, and increase feed efficiency. This helped grow the popularity of their exclusive breed, the Tai Chi pork – renowned for its full-fledged flavour and exquisite marbling. With even fat and lean meat distribution, Tai Chi pork is popular amongst chefs and local restaurants in Hong Kong.

John Lau Hon Kit also set up his pig farm in Pak Nai and Kam Tin areas so that the pigs can drink mineral-rich spring water and be raised in the fresh air of Lau Fau Shan. He also monitors the health of the pigs through regular consultations by veterinarians, one of the few pig farms in Hong Kong to do so.

In addition to the stringent health and safety requirements needed to operate pig farms, John Lau Hon Kit understands the importance that Hong Kong consumers place on the safety of the pork they eat. The meat is regularly sent to certified third-party testing laboratories such as CASTCO and VITARGENT to ensure the meat is free of growth hormones, antibiotics, and toxins.

Hong Kong Heritage Pork’s focus on quality control allowed them to receive the prestigious S Mark Certificate by CASTCO – certifying the meat’s safety and reliability for consumption.

Today, John Lau Hon Kit continues to follow his unerring vision to deliver fresh and locally bred pork to local customers. Hong Kong Heritage Pork sources world-class and premium pig breeds to give the Tai Chi pork its marbled taste and texture and ensure each delivery is shipped timely and promptly. As one of the few pig farm owners in Hong Kong, John Lau Hon Kit strives to implement new livestock technology so that consumers can continue enjoying delicious, safe and fresh pork for ages to come.

For more information on John Lau Hon Kit and Hong Kong Heritage Pork, visit https://www.hkpork.com.

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