Kamyuen Group Companies Expand Production in Thailand

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A strategic approach to strengthen resilience, increase flexibility, and safeguard its supply chain

HONG KONG, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kam Yuen, an industrial conglomerate with over 50 years’ establishment in precision engineering manufacturing business, announced today that two of its Group companies, Kam Yuen Precision Technologies and Optec Technology, are expanding its manufacturing footprint by opening a new plant in Ayutthaya Hi-Tech Industrial Estate, Thailand. The Thailand site will complement the Group’s existing manufacturing capacities for precision metal components and digital infrastructure products in China. 

Strategically located in Bangkok, the facility is equipped with advanced manufacturing technologies, leveraging industrial automation to enhance productivity and quality, which also enable the Group to serve export geographies including the US, EMEA, and APAC regions. The new plant is expected to be in full operation in Q3 2021.

"This investment demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers, while setting the foundation for the future," said Ricky Yeung, Managing Director of Kam Yuen Precision Technologies. "COVID-19 caused concern on the critical vulnerabilities global manufacturing and supply chains can face during unprecedented disruption. Kam Yuen’s expansion into Thailand is part of a strategic approach to strengthen resilience, increase flexibility, and safeguard its supply chain. The initiative will enable the Company to respond more quickly to market needs and enhance collaborations with our customers. We continue to invest in our people and our facilities in order to innovate and therefore increase our ability to serve current and future markets in the ever-changing market landscape." 

"Optec is putting the strategy into action with the opening of its second optical communications manufacturing site in Thailand to support strong demand for our customers’ fiber optic solutions around the world. The rapid escalation in data requirements is fueling demand for optical connectivity solutions," Rosanna Lin, Executive Vice President of Optec Technology commented.  "We set to expand its total production capacity in Thailand to address the fast evolving needs of our customers for mission critical applications in various markets. The Group’s expanded production capacity in Asia forms an integral part of its broader global industrial footprint. With three plants, we create an efficient production structure ensuring future capacity for growth."

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group has set up factory in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area cities of Shenzhen and Zhongshan with latest addition in Thailand, as well as sales offices in APAC, Europe and the United States making full use of the advantages of each region to expand its global business. 

About Kam Yuen – Kam Yuen was founded in 1963 to produce precision watch components for Hong Kong’s fledgling timepieces industry. In the decades since, the company has grown into Kamyuen Group. Today we supply precision components, automation engineering solutions and digital infrastructure products to some of the most respected and ambitious brands in the world.  Kamyuen Group is headquartered in Hong Kong. Our global talent team includes engineering PhDs, innovators, technologists and researchers. Our R&D and manufacturing facilities in both Zhongshan and Shenzhen, China are equipped with advanced precision tools and technology. We also operate sales and customer support offices in Switzerland, USA and Japan, with the most recent strategic expansion into Thailand.  Our network empowers organizations involved with luxury wearables, medical devices, automation and robotics, and other sectors where high precision is mission critical. Learn more at http://www.kamyuengroup.com