TADS Awards 2021 — The World’s First Annual International Awards for Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities (“TADS”) Opens for Nominations

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HONG KONG, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TADS Awards is the world’s first annual international awards for the Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities ("TADS") sectors. Gathering individuals and businesses from around the world to share the energy that tokenization brings to financial markets, TADS Awards celebrates these industries by recognizing and honoring significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide.

Nominations for the second-year’s TADS Awards to be held in 2021 ("TADS Awards 2021") are now open for submission until 30th September 2021. Nominations can be self-submitted or submitted through TADS Awards’ Global Ambassadors, any TADS Awards’ partners or Committee Members. Details in relation to the nomination process are available at – https://tadsawards.org/ 

TADS Awards is co-organized by Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute, Coinstreet Partners and the STO LAB, and is sponsored by GOIR and Wave Financial. It has received strong support from strategic partners, including (alphabetically):- Accenture, Association of Family Offices in Asia, Crypto Valley Association, Deloitte, Entoro CapitalGibraltar Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Cyberport, HKbitEX, IBM, Microsoft Hong Kong, Morningstar, SBI Group, Somerley Capital, Stormharbour, TheTokenizer, and West Park Capital, among many others, plus support from its Global Ambassadors from over 16 countries.  

Samson (SAM) Lee, Founder & CEO of Coinstreet Partners and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of TADS Awards, commented, "thanks to strong support from many industry leaders and key ecosystem drivers, TADS Awards was launched last year with great success. To keep abreast of market trends, we have introduced dynamic new elements to the second year’s TADS Awards including NFT Token Award, NFT Platform Award and Rising Stars Awards."  

David Wen, Chairman of Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute, remarked that "tokenization provides a secure and standard way for digitization of our economy, so that more powerful and transparent financial tools can be used to help better manage risk & return and better serve the entire community."

Nitin Gaur, Director of IBM Financial Sciences and Digital Assets at IBM said, "TADS Awards creates important recognition for best-of-breed ideas and solutions in the rapidly progressing area of asset tokenization and digital assets powered by technologies like digital identity, blockchain, DLT and IPFS."

Robert Lui, Partner and Hong Kong Digital Asset Leader of Deloitte commented, "Security Token Offering, or STO, is a regulated fundraising channel that is recognized by governments around the world and further empowered by blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and traceability of the asset tied to the token. Audit is, and will continue to be, a crucial mechanism to ensure the security token is compliant with local regulations in different countries, which is a major Fintech development in capital markets."

Sachiko Ohshige, Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Risk Lead of Accenture noted that "many financial institutions in the capital market space are looking to take full advantage of the opportunities of tokenization. Token-based trading platforms would need to emerge to provide the infrastructure for tokenized asset trading and establish a level playing field between conventional and new market infrastructures."

Peter Yan, Chief Executive Office of Hong Kong Cyberport, added that "TADS Awards have proven to be an important platform for promoting positive developments in tokenized assets and blockchain technology, helping people understand the latest applications in the space from all over the world. This awareness is essential to making Hong Kong a more attractive place for talents in the industry. Being home to Hong Kong’s largest FinTech community and many blockchain start-ups, Cyberport is glad to support this year’s edition of TADS awards."

Chris Carlin, Head of Alliances, Redistribution Solutions and Data Products at Morningstar Asia said "as the Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities industry has grown from last year and is moving more into the mainstream, TADS Awards are a good time for us to reflect on who the emerging leaders are in this field. I am looking forward to taking a moment to recognize the companies that have demonstrated leadership in technology, products and platforms, as well as being innovative in the field."

"The CVA is proud to be a part of TADS awards for a second year. The space is moving so fast that it is imperative to have good information to be successful. TADS Awards brings a clear classification and details on some of the most interesting developments, and we are excited that this year, we also include NFTs into the mix," said Daniel Haudenschild, President of the Board of Directors, Crypto Valley Association.

"I commented last year that a ‘wind of change’ was blowing through financial markets, a change we should, and must, embrace. Little did I realize how much change would come and how quickly, and with it some controversy. It is important to realize that Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities are not equivalent to cryptocurrencies, though they are based on some of the same technology. While innovation is key, those of us promoting TADS and the systems to support TADS must strive to keep regulators onside and ensure that markets are comfortable with developments in this admittedly disruptive field," said Mr. Martin Sabine, Chairman of Somerley Capital Holdings Limited.

"In the world of fundraising, asset tokenization and STOs provide us with a more efficient and more flexible way of fundraising and investment structure on a global basis. TADS Awards brings together many good examples of STOs and can help promote the concept to an even wider platform," reflected Stephan Law, Managing Director of ANS Capital Limited.

Benjamin Tsai, President & Managing Partner of Wave Financial said "we are very pleased to be participating as a sponsor of TADS Awards 2021. It is a world-class event that recognizes excellence in the Digital Assets industry."

For TADS Awards 2021, a special mid-year awards will be hosted in Japan in June. Winners from the mid-year awards will automatically qualify as finalists in the year-end awards that will be hosted later in November 2021 in Hong Kong. The year-end awards will be a full-scale awards ceremony with a total of ten winners selected from two awards categories (five awards for each category) with the newly added NFT Token Award and NFT Platform Award.  In addition, a number of Rising Stars Awards have been created to encourage start-up companies and recognize innovative proof-of-concept projects in these industries :

(1) "BEST OF CLASS TADS" category is for issuers of different types of Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities, including –

  • Equity-Backed Token
  • Asset-Backed Token
  • Tokenized Debt Token
  • NFT Token (new)
  • ESG / SDG Token

++  TADS Rising Stars (new)

(2) "ECO-SYSTEM EXCELLENCE" category is for service providers and vertical solution providers along the TADS value chain, including –

  • KYC / Compliance
  • Token Issuance
  • Digital Custodian
  • NTF Platform (new)
  • Brokerage / Asset Management

++  Ecosystem Rising Stars (new)

To review last year’s TADS Awards ceremony – "TADS Awards Gala 2020", please visit –  https://tadsawards.org/winners/#stream

The related press release is also available in ChineseJapaneseKorean, and German.

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Coinstreet is a co-organizer of Global Online Investor Roadshow (www.GOIR.info) – the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investments, and digital asset opportunities; and a co-organizer of TADS Awards (www.TADSawards.org) – the world’s first international award for Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities sector. 

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