Mobile Medical and Health Check Centre offers exclusive mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening in Hong Kong

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 16 June 2021 – Mobile Medical and Health Check Centre Limited brings the new technology into the business from Taiwan, which is mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening. With the mRNA dynamic gene technology can effectively detect the number and size of circulating tumor cells in the early stage, the patient can get diagnosis and treatment as early as possible. Compared to traditional medical imaging like CT and MRT, mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening can screen out the size of tumors in 0.2 cm or above and it is high safety and minimal invasive by using few blood samples for testing as well.

Suitable for all people

mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening is the latest cancer early detection technology, the accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of the auxiliary diagnosis of tumors up to 93-97%. Mobile Medical is the first Hong Kong health check center to introduce mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening, which was the main health checkup item in recent years and available for customers aged ten or above. It is recommending that a healthy person should check it once a year, and a high-risk group (e.g. having family cancer history) needs to check every six months.

About Mobile Medical and Health Check Centre Limited

Mobile Medical and Health Check Centre Limited committed to promote the concept of “preventive medicine” and serve the public for nearly 20 years. There are branches in different places in Hong Kong. It has a professional and experienced medical team that monitors the whole medical examination process. Also, Mobile Medical own their self-Laboratory which has much cutting-edged health check and medical equipment, and the laboratory has high quality authenticated by the BioRad international quality assurance program (QAP).

In addition, Mobile Medical provides different types of health check plans to accommodate the customer, such as gynecological check-ups and pre-marital check-ups, etc. Besides this, it will launch the different body check promotional campaigns irregularly.

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