Explaining the government’s HK$5,000 Consumption Voucher Scheme, opening for registration on 4 July

Financial Secretary Paul Chan speaking at a Press Conference on the Consumption Voucher Scheme
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Everything you need to know about how to claim and use the government’s $5,000 voucher handout scheme.

Photo: Financial Secretary Paul Chan speaking at a Press Conference on the Consumption Voucher Scheme

Registration for the government’s Consumption Voucher Scheme opens at 6AM on 4 July and will last for six weeks until 14 August. 

Permanent residents or new Mainland arrivals intending to permanently reside in Hong Kong aged 18 or above by 18 June, 2021 are eligible to apply on the official website. Paper registration forms will also be accepted at 560 Collection Points around designated post offices or banks starting 5 July. 

All persons must provide a copy of their Hong Kong identity cards for authentication. 

According to Financial Secretary Paul Chan, those who register electronically by 17 July will be transferred their first voucher on 1 August; those who use paper forms or register from 18 July onwards will receive it on 1 September. 

Under the updated Scheme, citizens will receive electronic consumption vouchers in instalments that total to HK$5,000 and will be disbursed via Octopus cards, Alipay, Tap&Go or WeChat Pay. 

“I hope that the disbursement of $5,000 electronic consumption vouchers will encourage the public to spend in local retail, catering and service sectors … hence boosting consumer sentiment and accelerating local economic recovery.”

Financial Secretary Paul Chan

Alipay, Tap&Go or WeChat Pay

Registrants who opt to collect their vouchers through these services will have disbursements directly deposited into their specified SVF accounts. The first voucher is valued at HK$2,000, while the second, to be issued in October or November, amounts to HK$3,000. 


Octopus card holders may tap their cards to collect the vouchers at Subsidy Collection Points at MTR stations, public transport interchanges, Wellcome supermarkets and other locations specified here. Each instalment is valid for collection within three months, and citizens cannot transfer the disbursements to their Octopus Wallets

Registrants will receive two consumption vouchers worth HK$2,000 each. The first will be distributed between August and September; the second, in October or November. In order to receive the third voucher worth HK$1,000, participants must have “eligibly spent” a cumulative minimum of $4,000 by 28 February, 2022. 

Transactions for government payments, public utilities, public organisations (e.g. Hospital Authority, Housing Society), education expenses, donations, insurance services or merchants located outside Hong Kong will not be calculated into registrants’ spending amounts. 

These exclusions encourage citizens to spend at local retail, catering and service outlets (or their online platforms).

“We will have an SMS alert service to those who have not yet spent the entire $4,000 within the seven-month period,” says Chan. “We do think that the chance of people not being able to spend the entire $4,000 within these seven months is pretty remote.”

The previous plan would have distributed monthly vouchers of HK$1,000 each throughout the summer, and the scheme was made flexible to accommodate different spending preferences.

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