Lawmakers dispute government support for Hong Kong Gay Games 2022

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Last week, Hong Kong’s Gay Games came under fire from lawmakers discouraging the government from providing venues for the event. 

Photo via Federation of Gay Games.

The Gay Games, set to take place next year, are a sports competition open to people of all ages, athletic ability or sexual orientation. The event is estimated to bring in HK$1 billion in revenue for the city, with over 12,000 participants. Hong Kong would be the first to host the Asian installation.

Lawmaker Junius Ho, representing residents opposing same-sex marriage and backed by several other pro-Beijing legislators, described the Games as a “disgraceful” public display of one’s sexual orientation. 

“It’s wrong [for the government] to throw money into this, and I don’t want to earn this type of dirty money,” said Ho. “It doesn’t matter if we earn the HK$1 billion.”

On the other hand, Equal Opportunities Commission Chief Ricky Chu Man-kin advocated participation and government support for the Games, saying they would foster equality and acceptance in Hong Kong. 

Chief Executive Carrie Lam echoed Chu’s sentiments, condemning Ho’s comments as divisive and regrettable.

“Our position on the Gay Games is we understand the purpose of these games is to promote inclusiveness and diversity, so we have no problem with that sort of spirit and purpose.”

Chief Executive Carrie Lam

On Wednesday, Chu emphasised the urgent need to criminalise discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The Equal Opportunities Commission is currently drafting a report on this legislation for public consultation.

GGHK hosted a webinar inviting diversity and inclusion experts to share their views on Pride in the workplace. The panelists addressed current progress, the issue of ‘rainbow capitalism’, potential pathways for advancement and more – you can read Harbour Times’s recap of the event here.

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