Bodhi Healing and Education Centre launches NLP communication skills courses to enhance children’s performance and improve family relationship

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 29 June 2021 – Bodhi Healing and Education Centre recently launched a NLP communication skills course to improve children’s executive ability and parent-child relationship. The course integrates methods from multiple perspectives, such as parental type testing, method of education in Israel, and hypnotic method to improve children’s executive ability. Improve parent-child relationship. Bodhi Healing and Education Centre believes that parent-child communication is very important. Children must be able to express their requirements, feelings and ideas through the course; parent-child communication skills can meet the needs of the child and at the same time meet the requirements of the parents ; The parent-child relationship course allows the child to follow from the heart and enhance the parent-child relationship.

Parental type testing can make customers more aware of their own educational methods. For example, some parents like the “stocking style” and some people like the “captive style”. The common parents are mostly divided into laissez-faire, authoritative, neglecting, and authoritarian. From the perspective of psychology and pedagogy, authoritative parents are more likely to cultivate children with mental health and positive self-esteem; authoritarian parents and laissez-faire parents. The children cultivated by the parenting model have obvious defects in personality and social development; and the children cultivated by negligent parents are the worst. When parents understand which type they belong to, they can make improvements in education methods based on their own situation.

The method of education in Israel is an education method that has emerged in recent years. In Israel, families, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities, and soldiers are all part of national education. Children grow up in an open and free environment, cultivate the ability to think independently, and are more brave to challenge the truth. The Israeli educational concept advocates to value everyone’s ability to think and to have their own opinions, to encourage thinking and to ask questions, and to learn from them. The thinking process is more important than the answer. The way of learning is to ask more questions to inspire children’s curiosity and cultivate interest and exploration since childhood; without the correct answer, what matters is whether the process is reasonable. Advocate to teach children to face failure, not be afraid of setbacks, and turn setbacks into energy; pursue the truth without accepting standard answers, and have the courage to challenge the truth. And open to multiple choices, encourage cross-industry learning to open up horizons.

In terms of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy has been the highlight of the psychotherapy conference. For example, at the World Rapid Psychotherapy Conference (Brieftheray) held in the United States at the end of 2008, hypnotherapy accounted for more than half of the conference. In the United States, examination competition is fierce, so the problem of test anxiety is very prominent. Before the test, everyone should go to a hypnotist to relieve test anxiety; and for children with inattention, it has become a consensus to use hypnosis to improve their concentration and academic performance. In the hypnotic state, the closed subconscious mind is open. The therapist can help the client re-establish the connection between the subconscious and the consciousness, so that the two are consistent, so that the child will remember the concepts in the mind through a consistent connection. Reflected during the exam.

At present, Bodhi Healing and Education Centre provides customers with personal growth, professional training, corporate training, parent education, youth and children education, hypnotherapy, counseling and healing services to help customers obtain professional qualifications and enhance their personal, physical, mental, and spiritual. Part of the tuition fees paid by clients will be used to support rehabilitated persons/ drug addicts/ disadvantaged groups/ persons with disabilities to attend free courses.

In addition to the above content, Bodhi Healing and Education Centre also provides many different courses that help children grow up physically and mentally. If you want to learn interpersonal relationships or sales skills, customers can choose to enroll in sales skills courses and business communication courses. Or master of ceremonies training courses. If you want to train job interview skills or interview skills, customers can choose to enroll in interview skills courses or children’s speaking skills courses. If you want to know what a dream interpreter or hypnotherapist is, you can take a hypnosis course. If you want to enhance personal confidence, customers can also choose physical and mental health courses or child psychology courses to promote self-healing through physical and mental courses. There are also emcee courses and radio hosting courses to help children understand DJs. If you want to enhance corporate competitiveness and enhance the cohesion of employees, customers can choose corporate social responsibility activities. If you want to relieve the stress of daily life and work, customers can also choose hypnosis courses or tuning fork healing.