Delamain Cognac Elected To Membership Of Prestigious Comité Colbert

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Comité Colbert, "The Voice of French Luxury," Cites Delamain’s Tradition, Wisdom, Patience and Excellence in Extending Rare Honor

JARNAC, France, July 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Delamain Cognac announces that it has been elected to membership of the Comité Colbert, France’s "Voice of French Luxury."

The Comité Colbert was created in 1954 to protect and champion French artisans and artists pursuing the creation of products defined by excellence and which reflected "The Art of French Living," and since its founding has become one of France’s most important cultural and economic institutions.

Delamain is one of cognac’s oldest and most prestigious houses, having forged a unique reputation for uncompromising excellence across nine generations and almost two centuries.

In extending the rare honor, Bénédicte Epinay, Comité Colbert’s CEO, commented: "The Comité Colbert is proud to welcome Delamain Cognac, whose history, deep respect for traditions, including the value of inherited wisdom and the patience necessary to achieve excellence – in Delamain’s case beautiful cognacs – are so treasured by our members. The House of Delamain is graced with an additional quality, the enriching union of two families, those of Delamain and Bollinger, who today guide the destiny of the House and perpetuate the spirit of founding ancestors."

Charles Braastad, Delamain’s Managing Director and direct descendant of founder James Delamain, commented: "This is a very important day for the House of Delamain and a powerful recognition of our ‘excellence: only and always’ approach to crafting cognacs.

"The House of Delamain looks forward to working with the Comité Colbert and contributing to a community which shares ideals long our own: patience, integrity, authenticity, commitment, a gratitude for knowledge passed down across generations, and a respect for the beauty and gifts of the natural world."

About Delamain Cognac

Crafting only X.O, X.X.O (the oldest official age categories for cognacs) and above cognacs, from eaux-de-vie sourced only from Cognac’s finest terroir, the Grande Champagne, Delamain stands exceptionally apart in the "cognacsphere;" a small gem polished by wisdom across time.

Established in 1824, but with its roots in the Cognac soil dating back to shortly after the arrival of Irishman James Delamain in 1751, Delamain has evolved across nine generations and almost 200 years into a cognac house unique in approach and unique in style.

Delamain focuses on exceptionality at every stage of the cognac lifecycle. Beginning with the best of nature (Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie), and then applying cellaring and blending practices honed across centuries, the House of Delamain allows every cognac the time necessary to achieve its full natural potential. An unyielding quest for the concerted best of nature, man and time yielding sublime and naturally elegant cognacs.

Exceptionality means no shortcuts ever.

To learn more, please visit, Instagram/Twitter: @delamaincognac.

About The Comité Colbert

Founded in 1954 by 14 members looking to restore the spirit for the "French Art of Living" and to bring together renowned artisans and artists with talents sharing "a certain French genius," the Comité Colbert has grown to 107 members with a continued mission to promote, maintain and pass on the highest levels of craftmanship, to pursue product excellence and to continue to provide structure and support for those committed to creations and crafts so critical to French culture, life and identity.

Jean-Jacques Guerlain, the Comité Colbert’s founder, described the relationship between members and the French lifestyle: "The art of French living is seen through the prism of our things, the manifestation of our civilisation, shaped by the culture of our workforce and the inspiration of our creators."

First devoted to fashion, table arts, perfume and cosmetics, the Comité Colbert has grown to include cultural institutions and prestigious art institutions to further project the image of France in the world. Its members, unique in individual genius and united in their commitment to the values of French creation and know-how, are drawn from every corner of French creation, craftsmanship and luxury, including from the worlds of publishing, gastronomy, haute couture, goldsmithing, cosmetics, hospitality, perfumes and jewelry.

"The world may change, but the spirit of Colbert remains"

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