Dynamic Solutions HK Limited Set to Trial Wireless Electric Car Charging

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HONG KONG, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Technology start-up Dynamic Solutions HK Limited has revealed it will begin trialling wireless charging devices that will charge electronic vehicles as they are parked. The innovative induction pads will be installed at the firms’ test center, with in-depth trials expected to start early next month.

David Zhongyi, who heads up the Investor Relations department at Dynamic Solutions HK Limited, said, "Our wireless electric vehicle charging pads will eliminate the need for large, unsightly charging points which are beginning to clutter our cities. The pads will be built into the ground, and they will pump out alternating ultrasonic waves that convert into electricity when the car is parked above."

Once the trials begin, Dynamic Solution HK Limited engineers will test the technology in various situations for speed, accuracy, and robustness through differing weather conditions. They will also test how easily the technology can be built into older electronic vehicles. 

"Electric Vehicle manufacturers are now incorporating induction charging technology with their new models; however, there is only a small number of induction-enabled electric vehicle charge points installed throughout Hong Kong at the moment. We are aiming to help change that here and throughout Asia," David Zhongyi continued.

Establishing more charging outlets has become a major requirement in recent years as the climate emergency continues to pressure local authorities. Despite this, the current infrastructure has been unable to meet the high demand for electric cars.

The limited supply of curbside charging stations for electric vehicles is causing rising concern. Residents say that the ones that have been installed are cluttering the streets and footpaths. They are also subject to vandalism and damage. All of these are issues that Dynamic Solutions HK Limited’s underground wireless charging pads do not have.

Since Dynamic Solutions HK Limited was created in 2012, the company has been investing in research and development that is paving the way for future technology and how we charge electronics. Our technology has been developed to use ultrasonic waves to charge electronic devices.

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