Match Dating has been awarded “Most Professional Date Matching Service 2020”

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More than 10 years of professional matchmaking qualifications

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 21 July 2021 – Match Dating, a dating agency company who have more than ten years of couple matching experience. Recently, Match Dating was awarded the “Most Professional Date Matching Service 2020” in the “Most Innovative Enterprise Award 2020”. The event was hosted by “Business Innovator”. This award served to praise the outstanding contribution and innovation in all walks of life, encouraging elites from different work fields to keep up their creativity in developing their own industry. “Business Innovator” also want to use this opportunity to raise the awareness of outstanding Hong Kong brand among customers and society. The theme of the award of this year is “Outstanding innovation, extraordinary achievements”. Outstanding companies like Match Dating that have innovative thinking and perspective can be recognized through this award, thus enhance the quality of service and the competitiveness among the industry.

Additionally, this award event was planned to be a continuously operating platform that encourage people who have innovative ideas to share their creativity and specialty together. “Business Innovator” is hoping to build a reward that recognized internationally and supported by most Hong Kong business companies.

There would be over 50 representatives of different outstanding companies attend to this award event, which is enough to certify the acceptability of the awards ceremony. Industry Chamber of Commerce, professionals, leaders, celebrities in all walks of life would be invited to attend to this awards ceremony. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government officials would also be invited.


A reward acceptance speech from the representative of Match Dating, “First, we have to thank the host “Business Innovator” for organizing this event, we are glad to be awarded the “Most Professional Date Matching Service 2020”. This award is not just an encouragement to our dating agency company, but also a recognition of our effort in the business mode and creativity of our company. In fact, this award serves as a reminder for us, letting us to keep up our attitude of truth seeking and people oriented, helping every single client to build up their happy life. This award also motivated us to pay more effort in offering a different and more effective marriage choice that is other than the popular but less effective way of dating like using dating app and attending speed dating event. We will do our best and executing our profession. We are hoping to spread out the message to those who are single that if they are brave enough to take the first step, they will definitely get their dreamed relationship. Due to the recent pandemic, our industry like all other speed dating companies is affected, and this also add up the meaning of getting this award at this moment. We are glad to join this award event since this award was proved by the most representative judge. To us, this reward is not just a compliment, but also a duty. This award does not come easily, we are happy to receive such a high recognition.”


About Match Dating

Match Dating is run by a team that has over ten years of matching experience. Match Dating usually host a counseling session with the client first under the method of one-on-one counseling to understand their view and status of psychology of relationship using some of the knowledge in psychology. Thus, to get to know more about clients’ mate picking criteria. They will then proceed with the matching service via manual screening according to the mate picking demand of the client, in order to provide effective and client-oriented service. “Match Dating” offers one on one date matching service for those who are single, providing a safe and convenient matching network for the community. “Match Dating” aims to use the least time to match up couples, because “Match Dating” believed that under the fast-food culture of dating app and speed dating would be hard for people to meet up with their dreamed relationship.

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