KYOI Group launches in Hong Kong to reinvent what investment opportunity means

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 3 August 2021 – KYOI Group, a luxury lifestyle investment platform, announces its launch into the Hong Kong market, with its first portfolio resort in Koh Samui, Thailand.

KYOI Group provides an alternative take on property investment that coincides with the tourism industry’s current pent-up demand for travel and wellness. A result of long-term travel restrictions and luxurious getaways, KYOI Group’s first beachfront resort provides its prospective investors an unprecedented opportunity rarely made possible in the market.

Reinventing the dated vacation home investment model, KYOI Group provides an all-encompassing holistic lifestyle investment with intrinsic investment value. KYOI’s property rental programme offers its members perpetual stay in pristine locations across Asia with additional benefits to earn passive income as a result of their initial investment. Membership will also afford unlimited access to more than 20 KYOI Group properties in the pipeline, located in the best destinations in Asia.

With an initial investment amount of USD500,000 to KYOI Samui, the return is estimated at 7% within the first 2 years of operations. The first resort in Samui successfully began its build with a groundbreaking ceremony in July and is set to be completed and opened by the first half of 2023.

To further pursue KYOI Group’s momentum is founder, Jackson Tan, who draws from his 25 years of expertise in leading high-growth business ventures, such as his effective expansion of the Adhesives Research’s market presence in Asia. “We have already committed to 4 properties in Thailand, but our overall focus is to expand across Southeast Asia,” said Jackson.

Each KYOI Group property will be designed with its own themes and will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Investors and guests can look forward to an all-encompassing ideal lifestyle where the height of luxury living meets a holistic wellness philosophy, and is deepened by purposeful connections with a like-minded community.


Centered on authentic human-centric experiences and individual fulfillment, KYOI Group offers highly personalised touchpoints and an unmatched experience for each valued guest.


Plans for the Hong Kong-headquartered KYOI Group are to build and operate more than 20 resort properties across Asia’s most sought-after holiday destinations. Envisioned as the embodiment of a life in perfect balance, the platform has been conceptualised alongside the three main pillars of living, enjoying, and giving – bestowing every individual with an opportunity to build their preferred lifestyle, forge invaluable experiences and find their purpose.


“Cuisines offered at the resorts will be using local produce with an aim to support local communities and cultures. When investors and guests are enjoying and refreshing their lifestyle and ultimate relaxation, you are also contributing to sustainable development of the local communities at large. This is essentially the backbone of KYOI’s concept,” added Jackson.


Co-piloting the first project is also KYOI Group’s own Samui-based Architect, James Atkinson, and Construction Manager, Christopher Willison. Jackson and the team’s combined decades  of international architectural flair, infrastructure development, and business acumen will be the cornerstone of the group’s foreseen prospects.


James Atkinson adds, “The resort will feature Japanese-inspired landscaping and interior design with 145 rooms of a minimum of 70m2-sized suites. Pockets of outdoor pools and lush greenery will expand the island’s natural verdure for a fully balanced, prestigious experience.”


While the world continues the battle against COVID, the tourism industry is seeing a trend in pent-up demand for local and outbound tourism. As an attempt to jump-start the local economy, the Thailand government has been promoting tourism programmes, such as the Samui Plus. The programme which started on the 15th July, has allowed up to 1,000 inoculated tourists to visit Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. This demonstrates a slow but promising start to set the stage for the future of post-pandemic tourism in the country.


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About KYOI Group

KYOI Group offers a lifestyle investment platform that is redefining what it means to live and own an ideal life. Developed for experience-seekers looking for a meaningful, luxurious, and well-balanced lifestyle, KYOI Group offers an opportunity for individuals to join a vibrant community built upon the pillars of living, enjoying and giving, while investing in an innovative property rental programme offering perpetual stay benefits and passive rental yield. Founded in 2019, the Singapore-born, Hong Kong-headquartered company has plans to operate more than 20 properties across resort destinations in Asia, with its debut property, KYOI Koh Samui, set to open in 2023.


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