The Choice of Two Million Users – MC900 Foreign Exchange Trading Platform Version 1.0.6 was Formally Put into Service

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HONG KONG, Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On August 2, 2021, MC900 Foreign Exchange APP Version 1.0.6 was formally put into service in Hong Kong. Within this year, MC900 APP developed from Version 1.0.0 into Version 1.0.6 by gradual improvement and iteration. It took our team with nearly 20 members more than 4,000 hours of above 300 days to complete the independent research and development of the mobile APP for foreign exchange trading. Overcoming various obstacles, we started from scratch to grow this APP out of nothing and then develop it into maturity. By now, it has been downloaded 2,089,965 times. On the first anniversary, the achievement of more than two million downloads is the best praise to all the developers and the product MC900 APP.

As we all know, the great majority of foreign exchange traders are inclined to trade via MT4, and the mobile version of MT4 has been widely used. In such a market situation, why does MC900 spend so many labor resources, material resources, and financial resources to develop its own foreign exchange trading investment APP?

Data is most important to a professional trading App, including Candlestick Chart and index parameters. These are important indicators for investors to judge and analyze the market. MC900 APP can accurately show internationally used Candlestick Charts of nine different periods and timely display the real-time international currency market quotations so that investors can flexibly switch the charts to check the market trends at any time anywhere. At the same time, the interface of market quotations provides investors with 12 major index parameters, including MACD, KDJ, and BOLL, and investors can set the proper index parameters according to their own investment strategies and habits. MC900 APP has a powerful background system to offer investors stable data.

The currency market is rapidly changing and it is of great significance for most investors to receive market information timely, as well as open and close positions fast and conveniently. MC900 APP that conveys information in Chinese supports real-time and quick operations and enables investors to close positions within one second. It also stisfies investors with customized service functions, such as automatic pushes of major news, and reminders of trading signals. Meanwhile, MC900 APP also provides real-time account opening service, efficient trading, the introduction of promotional activities, in-depth comments of experts and trading reports, etc. for investors to seize trading opportunities and make profits easily at any time anywhere.

The more we learn, the more we see our ignorance. In the field of investment, only through continuous learning can we make progress and have a more in-depth understanding of the unpredictable market. Only when we have a good understanding can we not make baseless decisions. For many investors, it is better to understand how to fish than to get a fish. For this purpose, a module to make a comprehensive analysis on the market is specially added to MC900 APP, from which investors can acquire some fundamental knowledge of the foreign exchange industry, obtain the basic skills in software operation, understand investment theories and currency market, learn how to make fundamental and technical analysis and how to analyze major events, and follow up important market changes in real time. Moreover, investors can be exposed to the operating system that senior experts map out based on their many years of experience. Both investment beginners and senior investors can draw some lessons from this module.

Users always pay close attention to the security of any product. MC900 APP develops a special function that enables users to log out automatically as soon as they close the APP. When they open MC900 APP next time, users must log in again to ensure the security of their accounts. This function is designed to save login time for users and improve the security of their accounts.

The market is the ultimate decision-maker to test whether a product is good or bad. As a professional, convenient, user-friendly, and diversified investment-trading product, MC900 APP manages to obtain two million fans, which proves that our product has built a good reputation among customers and in the market. We still have a long way to go, and we hope that MC900 APP will bring more services and surprises to investors in the future and become a mobile investment expert for more customers.

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