Lighthouse Global Group provides brand new integrated immigration consulting services

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HONG KONG, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lighthouse Global Group, an immigration company, said that the number of Hong Kong people inquiring about immigration has increased dramatically this year. Moving to Canada (移民加拿大) has become a hot spot for Hong Kong people.

In recent years, Canada has introduced a new policy to lower the immigration threshold specifically for Hong Kong residents, while the Canadian lifestyle is relatively leisurely and the Chinese culture is popular, which has attracted many Hong Kong people wanting to move to Canada.

Immigration is not an easy decision in life. Different immigration companies have different professional standards, risk control and service scope. For each applicant, choosing a reliable immigration company is the key to successful immigration.

How does Lighthouse Global Group help Canadian visa applicants?

Lighthouse Global Group Immigration has expanded its integrated immigration consulting services to help clients apply for various types of Canadian immigration visas.

The entire immigration process is not handled by other intermediaries to help clients apply for various types of Canadian immigration visas. The company has a local immigration team based in Hong Kong and Canada.

All staff members have years of experience living abroad with immigration knowledge. The team will share advice on the culture of life, work and children’s education to ensure clients are well prepared for a smooth immigration process.

About Lighthouse Global Group

Lighthouse Global Group is a Hong Kong based immigration consulting firm that has been providing premium immigration services for over 10 years. The company provides various immigration visa services to clients, including investment immigration, business immigration, skilled immigration, study abroad immigration, etc.

They provide various immigration visa services, covering the UK(移民英國), Canada, Portugal, and Bulgaria, making immigration worry-free for clients.

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