Old Hong Kong – Fusion- Art Concept Studio Open for free from August 13

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Taste the beauty of old things and the art of architecture

HONG KONG, Aug. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Architecture is the carrier of history and culture, as well as an important witness of human activities. The urban renewal projects of LOFTER GROUP, one of the well-known real estate developers in Hong Kong, not only give new life to the old buildings, but also strive to preserve their historical features, with an innovative approach to sustainable development. The Group named a series of future urban residential projects "The Timeless Series" and has established a large-scale "Old Hong Kong • Fusion- Art Concept Studio", with a new approach and aesthetic design, to present the architecture concept of "The Timeless Series" from all dimensions.

Old Hong Kong - Fusion- Art Concept Studio Open for free from August 13
Old Hong Kong – Fusion- Art Concept Studio Open for free from August 13


"Old Hong Kong • Fusion- Art Concept Studio" is selected to locate at the redevelopment project of Ki Lung Street, Prince Edward, which is about to be demolished. The granite pillars on the veranda along with the calligraphy created by local artist Annice Ng will walk you through the light tunnel that symbolizes the years and take you instantly into the old Hong Kong time. The concept studio also crossed over with a number of local artists, such as Lee Hon Kong Kai.

The concept studio covers an area of about 4,000 square feet. The pop-up shop presents classical items collected by LOFTER from multiple redevelopments projects across several districts, which includes:

  • Rare classical items
  • Items encompassing the spirit and art of a specific era

Galvanized Iron Mailbox — White iron is the cheapest among metals, durable and fire-resistant. A layer of galvanizing adding to the surface will reduce the chance of rusting. In the old days, it was often used as household items such as letter boxes, buckets, Mahjong boxes and rice jars.

CRT Television — Using vacuum tube technology and high-speed scanning of the electron gun behind the screen to display images. The screen is usually only 38 inches.

Old-style Signboard — From the 1960s to 1980s, Hong Kong’s economy took off. In order to make their own brands clearly visible compared with other signboards, stores gradually developed "red letters on white" signboards with strong contrast written in thick brushes.

The concept studio displays old objects from the 1950s to the 1990s, including wood cockles, old-style electric fans, iron gates, and sewing machines, etc. It also presents works of art that shows the collide with old and new Hong Kong. It is an opportunity for public to savour the beauty of the old things that have recorded the footprints of Hong Kong’s history, and also get to know the architectural development concept of LOFTER that integrates the new and the old, while also balances development and conservation.

Breezing — The work gives wood a "second life", using old wooden doors and old wood to make "door stools", expressing the concept of rebuilding old things. Old ceiling fans depict a kind of Pavilion culture in old days of Hong Kong. Many residents in the past also liked to keep the door open and sit in front of the door to enjoy the natural cooling and the connection between people.

Witness of the Era — The work uses different photos to represent a unique moment in the elapsed time. It preserves the image of the building before the demolition. Standing in front of the gate with craved patterns full of historical value, it is like opening the door of history.

Light across the time — With the combination of light and shadow, the picture projected on the wall full of age traces reflects the old Hong Kong’s characteristic culture and architecture. When the picture turns, you will see the modern skyscrapers and technology, leading you into the eternal concept that does not belong to the old and new time and space.

The concept studio crossed over with local artists, who also attach great importance to the inheritance of Hong Kong culture spirit, presenting the design concepts "Fusion• Eternity" of "The Timeless Series" in different ways, including:

Annice Ng:

An architect born in the 90s, graduated from the School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a minor in art. She loves calligraphy. Her pen name has three Chinese characters — the first stands for architecture, the second stands for pen and ink, and the third stands for youth. Her creation is unique and two-way Calligraphy writing.

Lee Hon Kong Kai:

The artworks of Hong Kong street calligrapher Mr. Lee Hon once appeared widely in the streets of Hong Kong. He left a large number of manuscripts before retirement to his son. His grandson decided to digitize the manuscripts into computers, which was released in 2020. It becomes the first handwritten font for local street calligrapher.

In the future, LOFTER is committed to blend the essence of the past into the modern architectural design of redevelopment projects, to realise the motto of "Fusion • Eternity". Adhering to the above concept, all the redevelopment projects of LOFTER will follow "The Timeless Series", incorporating old footprints into new building designs that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and equipped with the latest smart technology, to achieve "integration of the old, innovation, inheritance and eternity" redevelopment project without time limit.

Details of Old Hong Kong • Fusion- Art Concept Studio:


13 August (Friday)-27 August (Friday)

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 12:00 noon to 9:00 PM


G/F, No. 1-7 Ki Lung Street, Prince Edward



  • Exquisite souvenirs are available for sale, including postcards, cards and pins designed by LOFTER.
  • Traditional Snacks are available from Monday to Friday, such as Red Bean Pudding, Maltose Cracker Sandwich and Banana Cake.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, our masters will perform the traditional craft of Chinese Dragon Bread Candy and Spring Field Pizza.

All items in the concept hall can be collected by visitors. For details, please inquire with the on-site staff. All proceeds will be donated to a local charity organization – Project Space, which was established by a group of young architecture professionals and professionals to provide assistance to poor children and families and improve their living environment.

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