Bybit Announces Sponsorship of Legendary Esports Team NAVI

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  • Fast growing crypto exchange meets esports legend on meteoric rise
  • Bybit says this marks the beginning of its foray into esports collaborations
  • NAVI players to participate in Bybit’s upcoming World Series of Trading (WSOT) 2021

KYIV, UKRAINE – Media OutReach 18 August 2021 – Bybit, one of the most popular exchanges for crypto lovers, has announced a multi-year partnership with esports team NAVI (“Natus Vincere”) today, scaling up synergy between two fastest growing industries that can only go up.


The sponsorship will put the Bybit name on the map in the esports space in a symbolic move to bring closer two creative communities that are shaping up to redefine finance and sports. The sponsorship will not only see the Bybit logo appear on NAVI’s jerseys, but also include impact-driven collaborations on charity initiatives, school and student projects, and anti-hate/anti-bullying campaigns.


Bybit has in store a series of activations to help NAVI fans put their competitive skills to the test in the 2021 rendition of Bybit’s flagship World Series of Trading (WSOT) crypto trading competition. WSOT 2021 spectators will see familiar names from NAVI’s team of top players. The crypto community has been anticipating the event of the year with a prize pool of up to a record $7.5 million.


Best of Both Worlds


Boasting a whopping 18.4 million fanbase and close to 600 million cumulative video views on YouTube, NAVI reaches a unique segment of 15 million fans per month. It was also one of the most viewed esports teams in the world in 2020.


As NAVI’s exclusive cryptocurrency platform partner, Bybit will have greater visibility among one of the fastest growing demographics in sports and gaming. In turn, Bybit is excited to introduce the esports community to the endless possibilities cryptocurrency could open up for them.


The worlds of investment and professional gaming share commonalities — esports fans and crypto lovers are digitally savvy, forward-thinking and confident in their trades. Both industries have also demonstrated transformative power in a short space of time.


In just three years, Bybit made itself one of the top names in crypto trading with more than 2.5 million registered users from over 200 markets. It ranks second in terms of daily volume of Bitcoin futures and registered more than $1 trillion in total overall trading volume in the first quarter of the year. Helmed by veteran forex platform and blockchain development pioneers, Bybit stands out for its professional, intuitive and innovative online trading and cloud mining experience for retail and institutional clients, known for providing reliability even during periods of high volatility.


Bybit believes in equal investment opportunities for all crypto lovers. The sponsorship will feature financial education resources for gamers looking to diversify and invest in digital currencies.


Both emerging and fast-moving industries, crypto and esports promise to be the game-changers charting the future of finance and sports. Projected to become a billion-dollar industry in 2021, the esports sector is expected to welcome around 200 million new gamers by 2024 according to analytics firm Newzoo.


With overwhelmingly young demographics, esports is predicted to be an “up only” industry just as cryptocurrency is finding its way into mainstream portfolios globally. Many in the esports community will likely be keen to embrace a digital-first, borderless and decentralized asset class and will benefit from connecting with one of the best platforms facilitating cryptocurrency.


Bybit’s First Esports Venture


“The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many established conventions in a number of human experiences. Both sports and finance have witnessed the exponential pace of mainstreamization of two new entrants — esports and cryptocurrency,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit.


“We are delighted to connect with one of the most iconic names in esports that provided 86.1 million hours of thrilling entertainment to audiences worldwide in 2020. As one of the fastest-growing start-ups built for crypto lovers, we are excited to sign on with NAVI, and are looking forward to unleashing the natural synergy between the crypto community and the athletes and creators in esports,” he said.


“We share the vision of real sportsmanship, and the drive to be the best in the game. Whether you are in the business of innovative finance or competitive esports, to be a good player you need to put in hard work, hone your craft and build a strategy. That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for partners in excellence,” he added.


“I believe that this was bound to happen. Cryptocurrency and esports have much in common: They are new, fast-growing and interesting to keep watch and learn. We shall strive to show esports fans the real value of digital-based communication by cryptocurrency platform Bybit and our team. Also we want to represent the esports world to cryptocurrency enthusiasts as a point of their interest. We hope to bring new game-changing and engaging projects to make esports a better place to play together,” said Alexander Pavlenko, CMO of NAVI.


With 46 players in 12 disciplines and academy, NAVI has recorded a total of 247 awards since 2009.


Game On: More to Come


As a global platform loved by users from different parts of the world, Bybit has more plans for further integration with the international esports community.


Bybit’s debut into esports echoes its global, inclusive and innovative value, representing the shared ideals of the cryptocurrency community. Bybit is kicking off the gaming season with NAVI to set in motion a wide-range of integrations and activities, joining global brands like Monster Energy, ASUS, Puma and Logitech and other esports supporters.


Sharing its vision for a future in crypto with the global esports community, Bybit will introduce NAVI players in the upcoming WSOT 2021 that has become the premier gaming-themed event within the cryptocurrency community, with more announcements to follow on other partnerships and sponsorships.


About Bybit

Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange established in March 2018 to offer a professional platform where crypto traders can find an ultra-fast matching engine, excellent customer service and multi-lingual community support. The company provides innovative online trading services and cloud mining products, as well as API support, to retail and professional clients around the world, and strives to be the most reliable exchange for the emerging digital asset class.

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About NAVI

NAVI is one of the leading esports clubs in the world, founded on December 17, 2009. Over the long history, the club has been represented in 18 disciplines: the players have won many awards around the world. Now NAVI has teams in CS:GO, Dota 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, Brawl Stars, VALORANT, Free Fire, Wild Rift.

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About WSOT

The World Series of Trading (WSOT) is a global cryptocurrency trading competition powered by Bybit championing the spirit of competition, fair play, and cultivating camaraderie between crypto lovers from around the world. WSOT celebrates the positive changes cryptocurrency and technologies has brought to our lives.

WSOT ranks contestants by the “profit vs. loss” percentage where traders compete on a level playing field regardless of the depth of their pockets.

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