Winners of HK$1 million in prizes including a Tesla Model 3 in the Goodman #goodshot Vaccination Lucky Draw announced

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Goodman attracted over one million entries to its HK$1 million #goodshot Vaccination Lucky Draw, helping drive a recent surge in the COVID-19 vaccination rate in Hong Kong.

HONG KONG, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Thirty winners were today announced by Goodman on the #goodshot Lucky Draw website and by notices published in The Standard and Sing Tao Daily newspapers.

Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China, Goodman Group congratulated Mr. Lui, the grand prize winner of the #goodshot Lucky Draw.
Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China, Goodman Group congratulated Mr. Lui, the grand prize winner of the #goodshot Lucky Draw.

Prizes were purchased from Goodman’s customers in Hong Kong including the grand prize of a Tesla Model 3 Long Range valued at over HK$600,000 which aligns with Goodman’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Paul McGarry, Head of Asia, Goodman Group, said: "The lucky draw was a great opportunity to support the Government’s vaccination drive. We were really encouraged by the number of entries, which kept growing each week, to over one million, corresponding with a surge in the vaccination rate in Hong Kong."

The brand new Tesla Model 3 Long Range was won by Mr. Lui, who said, "I got vaccinated to protect myself, my loved ones and my fellow citizens. I will continue to encourage others to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Getting vaccinated helps our community reach herd immunity and return to normal. I live a low-carbon lifestyle and now owning an electric vehicle takes my carbon-footprint reduction to a whole new level. I can now drive more and worry less about harmful emissions. Thank you Goodman!"

All winners are required to redeem their prizes on or before 31 October 2021.

For further information about the Lucky Draw results, please contact: 
#goodshot Lucky Draw representatives 
Tel: +852 3001 5680 
The Lucky Draw hotline will operate until 17 September 2021. The operating hours are 09:00-18:00 (Hong Kong time), Monday to Sunday.

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