“Dubbing Academy” Completed Successfully Helping Youths in Realising Dreams

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HONG KONG, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — "Dubbing Academy", jointly organised by the Greater Bay Area Homeland Youth Community Foundation (Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation) and the Television Broadcasting Limited (TVB), provided a free professional dubbing experiential course to Hong Kong youths who wish to pursue a career in the dubbing industry and helping them equip themselves to realise their dreams. The course was recently completed, the 20 participants being selected from the 100 qualifiers had smoothly finished the 10 dubbing classes and successfully graduated.

The “Dubbing Academy” jointly organised by the Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation and TVB was completed successfully.
The “Dubbing Academy” jointly organised by the Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation and TVB was completed successfully.

Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation and TVB held the graduation ceremony at YO PLACE of the Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation. YANG Bin, Chief Executive Officer and Dionne KUNG, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation; Virginia LOK, Assistant General Manager (Talent Management and Development) and WONG Cho-lam, Chief Creative Officer of TVB, and Champion of "Dub of War Outstanding Voice Performance" Yoyo CHEN, officiated the ceremony as well as presented graduation certificates and various awards to the graduating participants.

YANG Bin, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Bay Area Youth Foundation, said "This dubbing course gained great popularity among young people. During the process, the participants were actively involved in the classes and showed great appreciation to the professional coaches. Our foundation is delighted to support the youths to explore job opportunities in the dubbing industry and inspire their career development. Going forward, we will continue our efforts to organise diverse programmes and trainings for Hong Kong youths to enhance their skills and knowledge as well as to unleash their potentials in seizing the enormous opportunities in the Greater Bay Area."

CHUNG Yuk-yi, LAI Cheuk-hin and LAU Kwun-chi, the three winners of the "Most Outstanding Achievement Student" awards, will be invited to join professional dubbing training by TVB and embark on the road of voice acting. In addition to the professional knowledge and skills of dubbing, the course also focused on cultivating professional ethics and spirit, learning attitudes and moral characters. Therefore, the "My Favorite Student" award was presented to SIU Yik-man who excelled in both morals and studies. Meanwhile, the graduates also presented a specially-designed thank-you card and a commemorative short video to pay tribute and express their deepest gratitude to the tutors for their guidance.

The "Dubbing Academy" was instructed by a number of professional voice actors and artists, training students professional dubbing knowledge and skills, from the basic skills of voice acting, vocalisation and articulation to the use of voice, emotion control and lip-synching. Animations, life sound effects, dramas, variety shows, different kinds of narration, announcements, advertising and other practical training were provided, allowing the participants learn the voice-acting skills step by step. The course was conducted in TVB’s dubbing studio, so that participants could experience and explore dubbing works on the spot.

In addition to the above officiating guests, dubbing tutors, star dubbing actors and artists also attended the ceremony to witness their graduation, including professional dubbing tutor WONG Fung-ying, LUNG Tin Sang; star dubbing actor WONG Kai-cheung, CHO Kai-him, CHAK Yiu Fai, Joyce LUK, LEUNG Wai-tak, Pansy TSANG, POON Man-pak, Penny YUEN, LAM Yuen-chun; artist YU Tak-shing, YAU Ka-yan, LAU Chung-pang, KWOK Pak-yin, CHOI Ka-yan, WONG Ka-man, and master of ceremony MOK Ka-kam.

In order to let more audiences and young people understand the profession and fun of dubbing, TVB has produced a TV programme "Dubbing Academy" which documented the entire training process. YU Tak-shing, as a supervisor, accompanied the participants and witnessed their transformation and step-by-step progression on the path of professional dubbing. Artists TING Tze-long, YAU Ka-yan, LAU Chung-pang, KWOK Pak-yin, CHOI Ka-yan, WONG Ka-man and CHENG Hin-fung participated in the shooting of short videos on different themes as teaching materials for students’ real acting practice. The broadcast of the program will be scheduled on Jade in November, which definitely should not be missed.

The 20 graduates from the "Dubbing Academy" are CHAN Yat-tung, CHUNG Yuk-yi, HO Mei-fong, LAI Chuek-hin, LAM Ho-man, LAM Chi-ying, LAU Wai-keung, LAU Kwun-chi, LEUNG Wing-shun, MAK Fu-kei, NG Dik, PANG Ka-lai, YUNG Siu-man, SIU Yik-man, WONG Ka-nam, WONG Hin-bok, WONG Yuet-shan, WU Lai-fun, YU Man-hei and YUEN Chung-yeung.