Regency Assurance launches new brand Regency Employee Benefits

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HONG KONG, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Regency Assurance announces the launch of a new subsidiary, Regency Employee Benefits, dedicated to providing bespoke corporate insurance solutions. The new brand was conceived as a response to an increased demand for corporate coverage as provided by sister company Regency for Expats.

Global direct settlement network

Regency Employee Benefits offers exclusive deals to a wide range of organisations including foreign embassies, international schools and government bodies. In addition to substantial cost savings, one of the standout benefits is the introduction of a Global Direct Settlement Network, available under all of Regency’s corporate PMI policies. This system saves the hassle of claiming back medical costs, instead Regency will settle payments with medical centres directly, anywhere in the world.

Better benefits equal greater employee satisfaction

Competition for the best talent is fierce and employee benefits play a crucial role in perception of an employer’s brand. A survey of 19,000 HR Managers and employees in 61 companies revealed that insurance is one of the 10 most appreciated employee benefits across all generations (Employee Happiness Index 2019). In the same report, those most satisfied with their benefits were 21.5 per cent more likely to consider themselves as an ambassador for the company and rated their engagement levels as 11.5 per cent higher than less satisfied employees.

Priyanka Borah, Senior Client Relations Manager for Regency Employee Benefits said, "Regency has a history of responding quickly to client needs. We are proud to be one of the few international insurance companies to set up a dedicated Employee Benefits brand and aim to provide superior benefits and services for corporations."

About Regency Assurance

Regency Assurance is a global insurance underwriter specialising in international insurance and a key player in the introduction of cross-border financial regulations. Regency Employee Benefits, is the latest step in the company’s long-term growth strategy. 

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