Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement 2021: Shop Social on the enhanced TECM MALL

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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 8 October 2021 – Year 2021 marks the 10th Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM), organized by Fullness Social Enterprise Society (FSES). FSES is formed by a group of knowledge volunteers to support social innovation and social entrepreneurship development in Hong Kong for societal betterment. As TECM’s Ambassador, Ms Kelly Chen uses her voice to generate awareness and encourage the public to support local social enterprises through ethical consumption.

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With this year’s theme – “Shop Social”, a series of integrated online and offline promotions has been organized to engage the public for ethical consumption. Better yet, the enhanced TECM MALL, Shopping Rewards Scheme, and a Christmas bazaar with local social enterprises will be launched so that everyone can practice their ethical consumption and in turn to change the world through consumption.

TECM MALL – the enhanced platform with various social enterprises’ products and services

Through the promotion of ethical consumption, TECM hopes that people from all walks of life can deepen their understanding of social enterprises and encourages the public to shift one-tenth of their daily consumption and shop at local social enterprises. Meanwhile, TECM also emphasizes two core values where ethical consumption should not be charity nor additional consumption. General public can fulfil their social responsibilities by simply shopping at a social enterprise.


To echo the theme “Shop Social”, the e-shopping platform TECM MALL has been extensively enhanced in order to stay ahead of the market trend and to facilitate the public to practice their ethical consumption. Features such as online payment has been added, with many more social enterprises joining the platform. With the enhanced features and varieties of products and services offered on the TECM MALL, the general public can now shop with ease and convenience.


In celebrating to the 10th anniversary of TECM, those who successfully registered on the tecmmall.hk website as email subscribers from September 29th to October 10th will receive a $110 discount! The official launch day of TECM MALL is October 11th, where you can use the discount code and shop freely. Sign up now to receive $110 discount and consume ethically at your fingertips to support local social enterprises.


Buy to Donate

The second phase of Consumption Vouchers from the government has been issued. Apart from shopping, have you ever thought of extending your helping hands and considered donating the vouchers to the needy? TECM MALL currently accepts Tap & Go payments to facilitate the use of consumption vouchers. Rather than only buying products for relatives, friends, or yourself, now you may also make donation purchases by buying any “Buy to Donate Gift Set” on the mall. The respective social enterprises will then deliver the gift set to those in need on your behalf. Not only can this support the meaningful work of social enterprises, it can also help the needy and convey love through consumption. The meaning of consumption is therefore beyond what it has ever been.


Shopping Rewards to Shop Social from Offline to Online

With multiple shopping rewards, TECM continues to partner up with over 100 social enterprises supporting the elderly, the disabled, grassroots women, chronically ill people, and etc. through the Shopping Rewards Scheme. Various promotions and discounts will be offered to social enterprises’ supporters. For anyone who shop at designated social enterprises from November 15th, 2021 to February 28th, 2022, they can earn a stamp for every HK$50 of purchases. With the number of stamps earned, consumers may redeem for additional products and coupons from social enterprises! Additional online discounts will also be provided to echo this year’s theme! Stay tuned and don’t miss any rewards!


Must-Go for Families! Preview on Christmas Bazaar with Social Enterprises

TECM will be hosting another key event this year – the family themed Christmas Bazaar. It will definitely be a family must-go event where an array of performances and workshops will be organized alongside with many booths selling special products and services from local social enterprises. Parents can take this opportunity to meet some of the local social enterprises and learn about their works with their children and thus cultivate the culture of caring for the disadvantaged, environment and more. In addition to “Shop Social”, we can also “Learn Social” at the same time! Take the first step in changing the world with ethical consumption and have an extraordinary and meaningful Christmas with your children!

Christmas Bazaar with Social Enterprises

Date:December 11th – 12th, 2021

Time:11am to 6pm

Venue:Flat B, 3/F, Shun Luen Factory Building, 86 To Kwa Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


TECM MALL : Featured Social Enterprises

TECM has brought together myriads of social enterprises, each of which has its own story and mission, yet shares the view of helping the needy in the city.



Martin established Amity in 2019. “Food for Good” summarizes his spirit of poverty alleviation. Their work ranges from regularly donating food or daily necessities in the North District of Hong Kong to relieve the burden of low-income families, to hiring the retired elderly, grassroots women, and the disadvantaged groups to make their own brand of Amity’s food series such as tea leaves, marshmallow biscuits, and other snacks. Amity encourages consumers to shop for social enterprise’s products which can indirectly give back to the needy. Furthermore, Amity progressively helps improve various community problems and is committed to assisting the subdivided households, solitary elders, and outsourced cleaners from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department in the North District. With the support from great partners, Amity was able to donate 4.5 tons of food and daily necessities to the needy last year, which is encouraging and worthy of further support.


Hair Rejuvenation

Hair Rejuvenation is a social enterprise well-known for its hair treatment, hair-dyeing, oil treatment, and ginger therapy in the way of traditional Chinese medicine. Amy, the founder of Hair Rejuvenation, was born with impaired hearing. She then realized the difficulty of finding employment for people with hearing loss, and thus determined to set up a social enterprise to help the disadvantaged groups on employment and also offer training to develop their work skills. In the meantime, Amy wishes to convey the message that people with hearing loss can communicate as effectively as ordinary people without boundaries and that their ability is no different from the ordinary. Upon training, the employees of Hair Rejuvenation are often praised by customers for their attentive service, in which it is the perfect proof that people with hearing loss can also work as diligently.

The Third Day

The Third Day is a social enterprise that uses “Do Nothing Farming” to maintain the ecological balance of the farmland and sustain the biodiversity of the area. The founders Alfred and Vasco believe that the best tea needs to be grown in an all-natural way, where the land is preserved as its original and natural state so that the tea can always grow in the purest environment and retain the pure natural taste for a long time. The Third Day also introduces the benefits of natural planting to ethnic minority farmers in the northern Thailand. By doing so, they are able to share the technology with them so the farmers can further improve their lives. In addition, they also cooperates with other local social enterprises to launch different products, which can not only help the restoration of land in northern Thailand but also take actions in sending blessings to those in need in Hong Kong.


Other featured social enterprises on TECM MALL



After the pleasing experience of using cloth made menstrual pads and menstrual cups, Zoe, the founder of Happeriod, is committed in providing the people of Hong Kong with menstrual products that treat the earth and their bodies well. She encourages the public to discuss menstrual affairs and treat their body comfortably. Zoe also teaches the making of cloth menstrual pads  and holds workshops on menstruation and body.

Grow Something


There are countless ways to reduce the carbon footprint. Grow Something has chosen urban planting and greening in several unused spaces, such as public spaces and buildings’ rooftops and platforms, whether they are industrial, commercial, or residential. Grow Something also provides fresh organic vegetables as their way in giving back to society, and above all, reduce carbon emissions in the long run.

StarUp Wonders


StarUp Wonders is founded and operated by a group of parents. It is committed to bring together people from all walks of life to create a platform so that adolescents with intellectual disabilities can thrive through art. It is the key to unleash their potential to the fullest by enhancing their capabilities through training.


About FSES

Contribute Profession, Promote Innovation, Advance the City

Fullness Social Enterprises Society Limited (FSES) (www.fses.hk) is an NGO established in 2011 by a group of knowledge volunteers to support social innovation and social entrepreneurship development in Hong Kong for societal betterment. FSES works to create practical knowledge to social enterprises through coaching, training, education, applied research, and publishing. The goal is to develop a structured Social Entrepreneurship Body of Knowledge (SE-BoK) for Hong Kong. The knowledge volunteer team has over 100 members equipped with academic, social and business expertise, steering projects in five major sectors including social, consumer, commercial, education, and church.

About TECM

Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM) is a social innovation project organized by FSES with the goal to become a collaborative platform to connect the various sectors to support local social enterprise through the promotion of ethical consumption. It also encourages consumers to shift one-tenth of their daily consumption to shop at social enterprises in an effort to create employment and training opportunities for disadvantaged groups, support minorities, and promote fair trade. In the past nine years, TECM has received support from hundreds of companies and organizations and created nearly HK$85 million of ethical consumption for partnering social enterprises, and brought wages up to HK$15 million to disadvantaged groups.

For more details, please visit www.tecm.hk or

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TitheEthicalConsumptionMovement

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tecm.hk

TECM MALL www.tecmmall.hk

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