The Prestigious AISL Harrow Scholarships 2022/24 is Accepting Applications from 15 October, 2021

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Unique 100% Two-year A-level Scholarships, Offering a Gateway to the World’s Best Universities

Imagine a once in a lifetime opportunity.

A prestigious British education, by teachers who have nurtured graduates admitted to Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League universities.

To enjoy world-class educational resources and lifelong friendships.

All of this is now possible and available with school and boarding fees fully funded.

Apply for an AISL Harrow 2022/24 Scholarships to make your dream a reality.

HONG KONG, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Asia International School Limited (AISL), with over 25 years of educational excellence in Asia, announced the official launch of its AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme Y2022/24, marking the second year of the most prestigious – and most generous – scholarship award available across the AISL Harrow family.

First launched in early 2021, the Scholarships received an overwhelming global response, with hundreds of exceptionally talented students from over 40 countries applying. Five successful candidates were selected, joining AISL Harrow Beijing, AISL Harrow Shanghai, and AISL Harrow Hong Kong in September 2021.

Moving into the second year, the Scholarships provide exceptionally gifted students who are not currently enrolled in an AISL Harrow School, no matter where in the world they currently live, the opportunity to study at AISL Harrow Beijing, AISL Harrow Shanghai, AISL Harrow Shenzhen, AISL Harrow Hong Kong, or AISL Harrow Bangkok. Each school provides two scholarships: ten in total across the AISL Harrow family. Selected students are given full access to a Harrow (pre-university) A-Level education, and to the values-based ‘educational excellence for life and leadership’ which AISL Harrow Schools provide.


Recipients of an AISL Harrow Scholarship enjoy world-class educational resources and access to a global alumni network. With the same high standards as that of Harrow School in the UK, AISL Harrow Schools ensure students excel academically and personally through a highly qualified teaching team, a broad selection of co-curricular activities, an extensive academic enrichment super curriculum programme, and through enhanced pastoral care and close personal tutoring.

In 2021, 77% of AISL Harrow International graduates achieved A*-A at A-Level, graduating to some of the world’s best universities. While many schools adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to university guidance, all AISL Harrow Schools offer a dedicated University Admissions and Careers Guidance Centre. Specialist tutors support each student’s application process, giving individualised assistance and expert counsel.


The second annual AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme will open for applications on 15 October, 2021.

For more details and to register interest, applicants can visit: Applications will close at 4:00pm on 10 December, 2021 (GMT+8).

Applicants will be required to take A-Level assessment tests between 8 January and 27 January 2022 and will be interviewed online between 29 January and 24 February 2022. The final application results will be officially announced on 29 March 2022.

To be eligible for an AISL Harrow Scholarship, an applicant must:

  1. Have completed GCSE/IGCSE study (or equivalent) before 1 August 2022 and must be predicted outstanding grades.
  2. Born between 1 September, 2005 and 31 August, 2006.
  3. Be applying for Year 12 study commencing August 2022, with graduation from the school in June 2024.
  4. Enrol as a full boarding student for the two-year duration of the scholarships period. Where boarding is not available, alternative arrangements can be discussed with the participating AISL Harrow School.
  5. Be academically outstanding, supported by appropriate English language ability.
  6. Eligible to receive a study visa in the country of the participating AISL Harrow School.
  7. Not currently be enrolled in a AISL Harrow International school.


  1. Academic performance at the top of the upper quartile of the Participating AISL Harrow School applied to, measured by: entrance tests, subject specific tests, prior academic records, references, and interviews with senior staff.
  2. Sufficient English language ability to fully access the course content of their chosen A-Level subjects on the first day at the Participating AISL Harrow School.
  3. Evident ability in, and a strong commitment to, sport, creative and performing arts, service, or other areas of co-curricular school life.
  4. Evidence of examples of previous leadership roles, positions of responsibility or commitment to service activities.

AISL sincerely invites students who wish to apply to visit and to register their interest.

In the meantime, please subscribe to Harrow’s Official WeChat Account (WeChat ID: HarrowInternational) to learn more about the AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme and to discover the opportunities a Harrow-branded education provides.

About Asia International School Limited (AISL) GROUP

Asia International School Limited ("AISL") is a leading provider of world-class K-12 education in Asia. Through our wholly owned subsidiary Harrow International Management Services Limited and affiliates, AISL sub-licenses the Harrow brand and provides professional educational services to our Harrow branded schools, including AISL Harrow International Schools, AISL Harrow Innovation Leadership Academies and AISL Harrow Little Lions Early Years Centres.